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  1. Jaymes Reed
    Jaymes Reed
    Looking for comic book lettering work.
  2. Shaneoid
  3. AnitaComics
  4. DMBrigman
  5. Donathin Frye
    Donathin Frye
  6. DLF
  7. ShaneV
    I'm kinda upset about not having a comic to put out this month.
    1. Donathin Frye
      Donathin Frye
      You'll be back at it next month. I've definitely been there, though; putting a healthy amount of pressure on yourself is good, but some things are just beyond your control and that's okay!
      Jun 26, 2017 at 5:43 PM
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    2. ShaneV
      I'm still writing. it's the funding that's the hurdle right now. I'm not complaining though. Just impatient.
      Jun 26, 2017 at 7:21 PM
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  8. NiinaEveliina
  9. JamieMe
    Tons of teams forming. Great stuff.
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  10. ShaneV
  11. Infected Blood
    Infected Blood
    On vacation in Eastern Quebec, beautiful scenery, but crappy weather and it's also relatively cold :/
  12. Aron Mason
  13. sorrel
    it's a wild raccoon!
  14. Shanny8
    I could really use some fresh Great American Chocolate Chip cookies & a cold glass of milk right now...
  15. DMBrigman
    Back on schedule with my next comic page. Colors will commence this evening.
  16. Shanny8
    OH GOD! I just remembered that GAWD AWFUL interview I did at MomoCon- I hope it doesnt ever air; I was horrible.
  17. Shanny8
    FINALLY doing research towards building my site; looks like it may be Studio after all- everything else costs too much!
  18. Vanessa Stefaniuk
    1. Shanny8
      :( Sorry.
      Jun 23, 2017 at 5:35 PM
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  20. DLF