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    Writer looking for Artist to Collaborate on OCTRTA: The Burial

    I'd be interested in possibly doing art for this (for a while I didnt think I'd have the time to draw any extra stories but I have an itch to collaborate) Plus ive been aching to do some fantasy themed stuff. You can see my comic at Maybe we can work together?
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    Upload Images To Instagram From Desktop

    I held off on an IG account for so long. This may push me to get one.
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    Do you have any NEW YEARS comic goals?

    My big goal is to do a crossover. I'm a sucker for crossovers and it seems like the type of thing that'd be fun. Other than that, I'm looking to improve my art every chance I can. Backgrounds, coloring, anatomy, perspective, I'm trying to work on it all.
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    I really wanted to play Ever Oasis but never got to it. How is it?
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    I never thought anything would beat my nostalgia love for Super Mario Bros. 3 but damn if this game didn't do it. I really think its the best Mario game made.
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    Post Your OCTRTA Team Here

    Damn, now I feel bad I didn't name us "Team USA!"
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    Post Your OCTRTA Team Here

    Team Airship Writer @DLF (Twitter) Artist @dannyjive (DeviantArt)
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    Artist for OCTRTA

    Hello there. I've got a story written and I've been looking for an artist. Its a steampunk/fantasy tale involving airships and dragons. If that sounds interesting, maybe we can work together
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    OCTRA - Writer looking for artist for "d&d" fantasy deconstruction

    I'd be interested to see the script and depending on time constraints maybe to be the artist.
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    ComicBookHour Xmas Present (Come Join In!)

    Is there a limit to the amount of pages we can send? I've got stories that are six pages long and some that are nearly forty.
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    OCTRTA - Writer looking for Artist for Steampunk Fantasy Tale

    To anyone interested I have a finalized script for my pitch (which can be read here) Would've liked to have this up sooner but the day job caused some...issues.
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    Sexualisation within comics

    To start I'd like to say that I write and draw a superhero based webcomic starring a female lead so most of my opinions come from the realm of superhero comics and female characters. Sexualisation in comics, I feel at least, IS an issue in the comics industry but its one that's being more...
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    How Long Does it Take To Draw?

    It depends on the schedule of the artist and what they can output. I myself work a 40 hour day job, but find the time to do two pages a week (that's two comic pages drawn, inked, colored, and lettered all by myself) so its definitely possible to get ten pages in a month. HOWEVER that's assuming...
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    [CLOSED] Artist looking for Writer and or Colorist for OCTRTA

    Weird, my earlier message didn't post. In any case, I've dropped an email too
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    Giving back to the community (DONE)

    This sounds like an incredible idea! I have a Ko-fi here.