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    What creators inspire you?

    Saw films make me feel sick, ha ha.
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    What creators inspire you?

    Believe it or not I'm not too great with gore :/
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    Kickstarter preview - The Murder Club part 2

    Lmao, sorry man it kept reloading page was weird.
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    Kickstarter preview - The Murder Club part 2

    Hey dude, maybe having the issue #1 as the first reward would be good for people that just fancy trying it out, and maybe then in the future they'll go for more after reading? (I tried posting this on KS, but for some reason it was acting strange!)
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    What creators inspire you?

    An absolute wizard. I read Uzamaki before bed and I was terrified by nightmares.
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    Needing Last Minute BLEED help!

    Hey dude, What are you struggling with? All you guys need to do is reduce the size of the art away from the bleed, and then re-adjust the lettering back into position. It's like @Kagekabuki says too. Just follow that template, and you can't go wrong!
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    Sites that review indie comics?

    If any of the sites edited out in the last revision were done mistakenly just let us know. I'm adding new ones that people post too!
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    What creators inspire you?

    Genki Sudo, he's always been a huge influence on me. The way he was creative and ahead of his time back in the day inspired me to take up grappling, and always test myself even in my creative work. This video is him showing up, randomly, at a tournament and breaking out crazy moves (for the...
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    Join In The ComicBookHour Patreon Day One Bundle

    Hey everyone, Jamie Me here. To make the opening day of our Patreon special we are running a DAY ONE BUNDLE, and YOU are invited to take part. Contributors (so-far): @Erik Bitmanis - Hard Wyred Website @JamieMe @ShaneWSmith @Sean Tonelli - Renegade Entertainment Website R:ILPERSONA...
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    Hello! Joined Thanks to the Insightful Weekly Chats

    Hey @starknight, Welcome to the boards, and no worries. We try our best. It's ran by myself and partner @Archie :D. Super rewarding seeing everyone share their work and advice to help others, myself included.
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    A CBH exclusive invitation to GlobalComix' pre-launch paid publishing program

    Thanks for doing this. Great to get the #ComicBookHour crew an exclusive!
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    Black Panther Opening Weekend Figures

    Here are some statistics from the opening weekend of Black Panther (so far): $200 million production cost (estimated) $25.2 million Thursday opening (record) - The largest Thursday night preview gross for a February opener and the second-largest preview gross for a Marvel film $192 million...
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    Sites that review indie comics?

    Thanks @AnitaComics, we've added it to the top and your site link to as a thank you. Looks great!
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    Sites that review indie comics?

    Awesome, just let me know :D
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    Comic Artists For Hire List (post your details)

    Hello ComicBookHour, Jame Me here with the latest community post. This time we are going to list comic artists that are available for hire. Please post your details below in this format (exactly this format): Name: Role: (Artists, Colourist, Letterists) Portfolio Link: Contact Details: Notes...