Welcome to the advertising section of ComicBookHour. Here we will list the ways that you can advertise your product(s) while supporting the growth of the community, and the staff behind it.

Over the past year we have been fortunate enough that sponsorship allowed us to work on promoting the event, build a website and afford to eat while doing what we love. Creating comics. These adverts came in the form of non-intrusive logo placements, and directing users to support those who kindly sponsored us.

In order to be able to continue hosting the Q&A on Twitter, running a website and further expanding our operation we are going to have to place adverts on our site and event graphics. This will allow us to:

Afford our hosting bill.

Pay the ComicBookHour creators for their work.

"As a self-employed individual with a mental condition, OCD, work can be difficult. I spend hours a day fighting to get better, and that means that my ability to work is at times hampered. I'm fortunate enough that ComicBookHour sponsorship has allowed me to keep building the community while being able to eat and create comics. Without it we wouldn't be able to do a weekly event, and maintain a website. It just wouldn't be possible." - Jamie Me (ComicBookHour Founder)

What kind of advertising do ComicBookHour offer?

We offer a range of advertising. First we have the main banner that appears at the top and bottom of the homepage, thread page and every post made on this forum. This will link to a site of your choice.

The banner is 728 x 90, AKA as the leaderboard banner, and is responsive. Responsive ads scale to devices so they can be viewed on devices of any size from desktop to mobile (cellphone). The site will feature FOUR banners on rotation, and the banner will change every click.

Ad Banner

Our second option is we have ad placement on our Twitter Q&A images. These are part of our Sunday events that draw an estimated 2-3 million impressions per week. Here are the images we can place your branding on:

intro question parting words fun

Events are on Sunday at 10am PT.

We will also shout out a URL of your choice during the course of the Q&A, and during the week leading up to it.


Awesome! We appreciate all interest, and all you have to do is e-mail Please let us know the following information:

- Your name and what we will be advertising.

- What option(s) of advertising you interested in, and for how long.

- Your URL and main social media links.

Thank you for your interest,

Team ComicBookHour

Note: Not all applicants will be suitable for our advertising, and we reserve the right to choose, at our discretion, who we place on our site and events.
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    Feb 23, 2017
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