Twitter Event Guide

What is the #ComicBookHour Event?

#ComicBookHour is a Twitter Q&A founded and hosted by British comic creator Jamie Me on Sunday at 10am PT. The questions are a different theme every week.

What do you need to join in?

It is really simple. All you need is a Twitter account, which you can sign up for here (FREE), and to follow @ComicBookHour for the questions. From there just answer the questions, and always include the #ComicBookHour hashtag.

Below are the start times in US and Europe for the #ComicBookHour event:


Don’t know your timezone? Here is a helpful website that converts any of the times above into your local time:

Is there a format to answering the questions?

There is a style that the community itself have adopted. Here is an example of a question and how the majority would answer it:

question #1

Q1: I attended Thought Bubble in the UK, and picked up Skies of Fire from the Mythopoeia table. They had some sweet gear! #ComicBookHour

So, what the community have adopted is listing the question first, abbreviated to Q3 in this case, and then they put their answer followed by the #ComicBookHour hashtag. It is important to include the hashtag so others joining in the event can read/reply to your tweets.

However you answer is fine, but what is important is that you remember to include the hashtag in every answer.

Are there any sites that help joining in the event?

We have two recommended sites that help you join in and view the event better.

Tweet Chat
This helpful website auto-adds the hashtag to your answers, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting, and you can pause the event stream. Anyone who has tried to read every tweet when the event is live will know… it is a feat that isn’t possible. Sometimes you need to be able to slow the pace down, and TweetChat offers that.

TweetDeck is an alternative option that allows you to see your replies and the stream at the same time. This is particularly helpful for those on desktops. It doesn’t, however, auto-add the hashtag, so keep that in mind.

Pro tip: #ComicBookHour have two “set” questions every week that you can schedule answers for on TweetDeck. At 10am PT (6pm PT on Weds repeat) it is always the introduction, and at 11am PT (7pm PT on Weds repeat) it is the parting words part. Scheduling these ahead of time may be useful to some users.

We encourage users to also tweet on the #ComicBookHour hashtag during the week. We have a vibrant and active community that is always ready to reply and help others!
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    Feb 25, 2017
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