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  1. AnitaComics

    Sites that review indie comics?

    The new and improved REVIEWERS LIST! *drum solo* I've browsed through everything that has been posted on this thread, and added a couple more I knew about. I removed everything that had been inactive for 6+ months, or those whose website was unreachable, as well as those that stopped reviewing...
  2. AnitaComics

    Dawn of the Dad - ghost with moustaches, feelings, and swear words

    Since episode 4 finished updating on Tapas and the website, it's available to purchase (PDF) over at Gumroad!
  3. AnitaComics

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Just finished Gorogoa, an awesome indie puzzle game. If you don't know about it, you should check it out
  4. AnitaComics

    Pre Kickstarter Marketing

    I'm currently looking for reviews, mostly to try and gain more readers/attention on the comic. Some of them agreed to allow me a spotlight near/during the Kickstarter, some others will review it when they have time regardless of when the Ks will start. I think either way should be fine; after...
  5. AnitaComics

    Sites that review indie comics?

    I'm working on it in my spare time. Will be ready in a few days :)
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    Sites that review indie comics?

    Hey guys, this is a great thread that I'm finally getting to use, but I think the first post should be updated and reviewed (ahah) a bit. There's a few listed sites that aren't active anymore, or even don't exist anymore. Plus, all of the other infos share as answers are getting lost. I can...
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    Most Experienced Comic Artist(s)

    Depends what you mean for "in the business". I've been doing comic as a freelance since 2012, and moved to self-publishing in 2016
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    #ComicBookHour Q&A Episode 5 "READER INTERVIEW" (2018)

    Q1: I used to read Sonic comics as a kid, trace him onto my books in school, and it's funny now my 4 year old nephew loves the blue guy too! What are your earliest comic reading memories? I've learned how to read on a comic! It was a big edition (it was as tall as my torso at the time) of an...
  9. AnitaComics

    #ComicBookHour Q&A Episode 4 "CREATOR INTERVIEW" (2018)

    Q1: I'd like to think every creator has a unique story of why they decided to start creating comics. What's yours? It started because I was obsessed with how some manga artists drew bodies, hands, expressions, everything. I wanted to be just as expressive as them. It changed during the years...
  10. AnitaComics

    #ComicBookHour Q&A Episode 6 "NSFW COMICS" (2018)

    Q1: Do you read NSFW comics, and if so what appeals to you about them? I read comic that contain NSFW stuff, but it's not their main premises. I like when they add some extra spicy to another story, but I'm not interested in stuff focused on violence or nudity Q2: What are some of the...
  11. AnitaComics

    Dawn of the Dad - ghost with moustaches, feelings, and swear words

    Bumping because episode 4 is about to finish on Tapas, and thus the PDF is about to appear on Gumroad There's also a small news: I've finally set up a standalone site for the comic, so if you really can't stand Tapas you can read it also at
  12. AnitaComics

    How important is it to attend cons?

    If you plan to break it to the public only, conventions are good but not mandatory. You can achieve that kind of success online. BUT if you plan to networking, or even getting to know about the scene and the publishers, conventions are a must. People are more inclined to share details face to...
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    Worst comic you've ever read?

    I don't remember the name and title, but it was an italian comic narrating the story of heavy metal bands. It was horribly drawn, and worst of all, the dialogues where splitted THE WRONG WAY! You know when lettering, if you don't have enough space in a panel, you split the text when there's a...
  14. AnitaComics

    Printed copies

    I don't really know where to put them up for sale, Patreon apart (but I don't have enough readers to make Patreon worth it, so I don't have it). So part of the question that I forgot to add is: where do people sell their stuff online? I mostly see artists promoting it on their page, and most of...
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    Printed copies

    How do you deal with printed copies of your comic, if you happen to print? I made a small print run last year because I wanted to attend some conventions, as it's one of the most interesting way to promote the comic, and one of the funniest to me. It went pretty good, considering I print in...
  16. AnitaComics

    Working For Free

    In my opinion, the big difference is: will the one you're working for profit out of your job, or not? If they do, don't work for free. If they don't, you're both volunteering and building a portfolio. In the latest years, with all the possibilities offered by internet, the latter is easy to...
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    #ComicBookHour Q&A Episode 2 "PROMOTING COMICS" (2018)

    Since I can't make to the Twitter event ever, I'll go first on the forum here: Q1: I use various, the most effective being #makingcomics. #comicbookhour comes second. I use three or four at most, I prefer to write something about what I'm posting rather than just putting a link there with a...
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    New Apartment Advice

    Paint the walls! Or decorate if you can't. Rearrange the furniture a bit, and add plants. Also if you draw/write whatever, organize a little corner that's just for your creative endeavors
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    Gumroad vs Patreon

    I feel like they're two completely different options right now. Gumroad is basically a store, that your followers can check once in a while to make a purchase, and that's it. Patreon looks more like a community-based service, where you actually need to be involved and have people involved. Don't...
  20. AnitaComics

    Dawn of the Dad - ghost with moustaches, feelings, and swear words

    DAWN OF THE DAD is back from the holidays! Starting yesterday, it's back updating once a week on Fridays on Tapas. Big news also: I've set up a Gumroad page where you can buy a PDF copy of the three episodes that are already up online, and will be updated with the fourth soon. So if you like...