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    Join In The ComicBookHour Patreon Day One Bundle

    Has the Patreon already opened? I can't find it.
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    Request Webcomics featuring solid story and action!

    Really? There's some good ones on there. For a solid story and action, I'd say "UnOrdinary" on Webtoon. It's about an AU where people develop super powers as they get older, but not everyone. You could call it magical realism. Anywhere's, the main character joins one of the academies, full of...
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    Interesting idea and great art. The only gripe I have is sometimes the comic felt like it was jumping to something completely unrelated. I see there's at least two stories going on at once, but while reading I felt like I had to go back and make sure I didn't miss a page a couple times.
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    Introduction: Myself and The Daemos Chronicles

    Thanks. Looking forward to making some connections.
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    Upload Images To Instagram From Desktop

    Is Instagram really all that helpful? I feel like it's the same as any other soapbox, but with a focus on images. Too many instagram models to really see the profit of promoting there.
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    tell me your background hates...

    If animation is the problem (frame-by-frame, I've been there), try using programs like Anime Studio. Old versions are pretty cheap compared to...whatever people use these days. I used the program before, and it's fairly easy. Only problem is, it's good for maybe 90 seconds. Then you need to make...
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    How much space do we give between panels?

    It's definitely good to set a rule of thumb and stick to it. For my online graphic novel, all of my panels are 30 pixels thick. I try not to do standard layouts and avoid a grid, but it can't always be achieved. Regardless, having some continuity so people can understand where a page ends is...
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    What are your promotion tactics?

    I use social media for now until I find some ad space. Use online apps like FollowerWonk to find out when your "followers" are most active. And use Buffer to schedule posts. Always include a link and a picture. Gets more attention then a block of text. I also have a social media challenge I'm...
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    How do I Sketch like a Pro?

    Try looking for a stabilizing option. I sketch on a different program, Manga Studio, and the all the drawing tools have an option for stabilizing so lines aren't messy even if my hand is a little shaky.
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    Do you have any NEW YEARS comic goals?

    Ha, I actually published something like this on my blog, that could sure use more traffic. Whilst I integrate more into the forum... Budget – I'd like to save more money while incorporating ad space into my budget. Spreading the word – I'm trying to spread the word on other comic forums...
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    New Apartment Advice

    Any hobbies? I can't live anywhere that doesn't have space for a TV set and a separate desk for me to write/draw. Technically, I don't need the TV, but I like to lay in bed and watch a little something before I clock out for the night, vs sitting at my desk haha. You could always hang paintings...
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    #ComicBookHour Q&A Episode 1 (2018)

    Guess I'll try to get a little more involved. Q1: What were your favourite comics of 2017, and why? I actually don't read many of the mainstream comics these days. The last one was "Avengers vs Xmen" when the Phoenix returned and Hope Summers was to be the host. In terms of webcomics, still a...