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  1. Shaneoid

    OCTRTA artist looking to get involved

    Hello all, I missed out on the first anthology and looking to get involved in this one, especially as I love the fantasy genre. My strengths lie in the athletic/muscular build, however I'm up for a challenge! I'm putting myself out there as a penciler, nut I could go further to inks/colours if...
  2. Shaneoid

    Mastodon Art Site

    Hey I've seen a few Twitterfolk talking about this new Mastodon Art site, I wonder if anyone has any info on it or experience with it. Is it going to benefit the indie comic community?
  3. Shaneoid

    Webtoon NSFW filter

    Webtoon now has the option to mark your comic with a Parental Advisory notice, as well as a secondary genre. What do we make of this? Are they hoping to attract more mature readers and creators, or pilfer them from other sites? Does this mean the adult creators among us will give Webtoon a go...
  4. Shaneoid

    Webcomic presence on YouTube

    YouTube is a great way to share your hobbies, and I've only recently got in to watching home brewed content on there, but it looks to me to be a great way for the webcomic community to promote their own material, while also getting people interested in webcomics on the whole. I have done a...
  5. Shaneoid

    Advice to your past self

    Somehow you manage to time travel back through your own time line to the point where you meet yourself just starting out on your indie/webcomic journey. It was probably a while back and you find yourself wearing something you wouldn't be seen dead in now. But you have a moment in the past to...
  6. Shaneoid

    Work In Progress Wednesday

    Hey all I thought this forum would benefit from a thread where we can show our works in progress and maybe discus where we are with our current projects. I managed to get 3 uploads of Night Twink done in May although I'm aiming for 2 in June as Ill be attempting to compile another good buffer...
  7. Shaneoid

    Welcome to Webcomics [video]

    I thought a lot of CBHers would appreciate this
  8. Shaneoid

    Tapas Right of First Refusal

    For people who use Tapas, I've just been alerted to this I'll be honest, I don't get legal stuffs but a few comments I've read have not been happy abut this, so just spreading the word. I'm assuming it's for people with lots of subs?
  9. Shaneoid

    Art Snobs

    I came across this post on a Facebook forum recently which touched on a subject I feel is poisonous to the webcomic community. That of art snobbery. I shall post an excerpt below;- I personally believe one of the best things about webcomics is that you bypass the industry standard malarkey and...
  10. Shaneoid

    3 Panel Strips

    Hey all, I was thinking about doing some 3 panel strips to compliment my comic, however it's not as easy as it sounds. It seems my mind works on a grand scale when writing so focusing on a swift few panels is going to be a learning curve for me, however I like a challenge! :) I was wondering if...
  11. Shaneoid

    Doctor Who 2017

    Warning, this post will contain spoilers!!! So at time of posting, we're 2 episodes in to the new series of Doctor Who, with Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas. So far I am thoroughly enjoying it, Capaldi mentioned they were getting back to basics and that's just what seems to be...
  12. Shaneoid

    Netflix Recommendations

    I appreciate we're posted all over the world here, and may not have the same listings, but I'm wondering if we have some shows we could recommend on Netflix to each other? Me, if anyone gets a chance to watch the British comedies 'Fried' and 'Getting On' I've loved them :D Of course, if you've...
  13. Shaneoid

    Responsibility of Representing Minorities

    A few months ago I was lucky to be featured on with my webcomic Night Twink. It was a fun/favourable look at the comic, thankfully. However, one of the comments I received was this:- Captain Oblivious, more like. There was only one punch at that time, to another 'white guy'...
  14. Shaneoid

    What's your fandom?

    I'm going to make a small assumption that most of us here fit in to the nerd category :D Given that, you're probably going to be a devotee of some fandom or other. Be it Harry Potter or Final Fantasy, Marvel comics or WWE, Naruto or Star Trek, you've got that special thing that you watch...
  15. Shaneoid

    How far have you been from your hometown?

    I've only ever been as far as Brighton, which is 345 miles from where I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne. How depressing haha. How far have you all travelled and where would you love to go?
  16. Shaneoid


    Creating comics needn't always be tough, sometimes there's a few things you can do to make your art come out great with minimal effort, or at least nothing too complicated. I thought we could trade our 'Comic Hacks', which would be techniques we use to be more efficient with the creative process...
  17. Shaneoid

    The Superhero Webcomic Thread

    Hi CBHers! Superheroes and comic books seem to go hand in hand, the perfect format to get those awesome potent and wacky adventures out there. Webcomics are no different, and I'm making this thread to discus the wonderful world of Superheroes on the web! While a lot of webcomics defy convention...
  18. Shaneoid

    LGBT Webcomics Thread

    Hi all, I thought I'd start an LGBT webcomics thread here on CBH. I'd prefer to keep it open ended so we can discus anything, however I have thought up a few questions to get us started. What attracts you to an LGBT webcomic? Romance and fantasy? Something more realistic? Do you create an LGBT...
  19. Shaneoid

    What are you non-comic hobbies?

    Hi all, I thought we could show everyone on the CBH forums what our hobbies are besides doing comics. Do you get much time to enjoy your hobbies? What do you think your favourite hobby is? I'll start... I enjoy Macro photography, focusing mainly on bugs, which just fascinate me and it's great...
  20. Shaneoid

    So you're starting a Webcomic advice thread

    While there's plenty of us already in the mix, we can sometimes forget that there are so many people just starting out doing their own Webcomics. I have just given someone advice on a Facebook thread and she replied she had never considered said advice, which I would think would be standard for...