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  1. ShaneWSmith

    ComicBookHour Xmas Present (Come Join In!)

    Awesome. Thanks - have just sent a comic via Dropbox. The smallest one I have is 74 pages, though, sorry.
  2. ShaneWSmith

    Patreon, will comic creators stay or go?

    I've been planning a Jan 2018 launch for almost eight months. I'm launching as planned. Might take a leaf out of the Old El Paso girl's playbook and ALSO launch on Drip and/or Gumroad if/when the time comes.
  3. ShaneWSmith

    Patreon service fee, your thoughts?

    I am concerned about this. I was planning to launch in January with a page heavily centred around encouraging $1 pledges. I've been working on this for months - hundreds of hours at least. And now the launch just got twice as hard, and will probably not get the traction I'd counted on. Really...
  4. ShaneWSmith

    The Lesser Evil and Peaceful Tomorrows - epic sci-fi on Kickstarter now

    Thanks, Donathin! We've hit our funding target, which is brilliant, but we're always looking for more backers. You can get 1000+ pages of sci-fi comics for just $5, and 2000+ pages for $10 (this tier includes Donathin's brilliant story Survivor, as well as a number of other fantastic tales...
  5. ShaneWSmith

    Playing around with Patreon! Possibly aiming for an October launch. What do you look for when...

    Playing around with Patreon! Possibly aiming for an October launch. What do you look for when you back a creator on Patreon?
  6. ShaneWSmith

    Looking For Advice Selling Digital Comics (ie: ComiXology)

    Re pricing. Check out other comics on the platform and price accordingly. You may notice that many big-publisher titles are only charging 99c for some issues, and only very rarely does that price creep above $1.99 per issue. Given the scope of the site, the pricing of the other comics on...
  7. ShaneWSmith

    What was the last comic you read?

    Beautiful Canvas #1 from Black Mask Publishing. This one's the real deal.
  8. ShaneWSmith

    We're on Kickstarter! 1000 pages for $5...

    We're on Kickstarter! 1000 pages for $5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shanewsmith/bringing-the-lesser-evil-and-peaceful-tomorrows-ba
  9. ShaneWSmith

    The Lesser Evil and Peaceful Tomorrows - epic sci-fi on Kickstarter now

    We're live on Kickstarter right now with a campaign to bring remastered editions of The Lesser Evil and Peaceful Tomorrows to print. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shanewsmith/bringing-the-lesser-evil-and-peaceful-tomorrows-ba You can grab both books (1000 pages of epic sci-fi comics)...
  10. ShaneWSmith

    An Open-Source Publisher Lead Database

    This is amazing. Fantastic work, Donathin, and thank you!
  11. ShaneWSmith

    Experiences with ComixCentral?

    Sadly, it's almost all "sit-and-wait" time, interspersed with a bit of "screw-this-it's-a-waste-of-time" frustrated procrastination whenever a rejection came through without adequate explanation. Long story short: the Comixology system really didn't like the B&W artwork I put together. I still...
  12. ShaneWSmith

    Experiences with ComixCentral?

    I've finally managed to get a book onto Comixology (after almost four years of waiting). I'll take any alternatives, and this looks like a good one. Thanks for this thread.
  13. ShaneWSmith

    What do you think of established creators setting up Patreon?

    I think it's fine. Good, in fact. It's ridiculously hard to make money in the comics industry, even for the very highest fliers. If they feel they need a Patreon to leverage their readership, it's not because the piles of cash they've been rolling around in have gotten a bit smudged. Running an...
  14. ShaneWSmith

    Kickstarter Rewards-Discussion

    Rewards that won't cost YOU a tonne of money are worth pursuing. I'd argue that once you've factored in shipping costs, the profit margin on stickers and T-shirts is so minimal that it's not really worth the effort. Here are my suggestions. 1) Backers getting their likeness into the book. I've...
  15. ShaneWSmith

    Some words and pictures re: my first experience as a convention guest...

    Some words and pictures re: my first experience as a convention guest: https://www.facebook.com/ShaneWSmith.Author/posts/1483920894980507
  16. ShaneWSmith

    Facebook helping each other.

    Why not? It'd be cool to check out some of this community's pages anyway! https://www.facebook.com/ShaneWSmith.Author/
  17. ShaneWSmith

    Should we remove the print option from the POWER-UPS: Vilified anthology?

    Something like IngramSpark might be a good solution to this. They have printers all over the world, and handle distribution (to Amazon, other online retailers) too. Printing seems pretty consistent worldwide too. (That said, with this approach, given the nature of the Ingram interface, you'd...
  18. ShaneWSmith

    Selling Comics-Discussion

    Other avenues include launching books on Kickstarter, getting books into libraries (and getting those lovely PLR/ELR payments going), and selling through local comic stores. I've dabbled in all of the above except for Patreon. Will edit this post at a later time with some thoughts, but IIRC a...
  19. ShaneWSmith

    Work In Progress Wednesday

    Here's the most recent page of my fantasy epic Triumviratus. Not usually a fan of splash pages in general, but sometimes the story demands one. Will be playing with the light/colour balance a little in post-production.
  20. ShaneWSmith

    Creating Comics using Patreon formula

    I don't know if you'll be able to control for these, but here are some things to watch out for. Many freelance artists need certainty, especially those attempting to eke out a living from the work. They often have a full dance card, and need to plan multiple projects simultaneously according...