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  1. JamieMe

    START AGAIN #1 Review [Never Iron Anything]

    "Start Again 1 is done in the tradition of all good first issues. It pulls you through a solid set up, moments of surprise and sets it up all nicely for a longer run with a little surprise at the end." Full review:
  2. JamieMe

    Post Your OCTRTA Team Here

    Added :)
  3. JamieMe

    Post Your OCTRTA Team Here

    Adding you right now, and excited myself to see your submission :)!
  4. JamieMe

    Comic Reviews Section Posting Rules

    We can certainly try it. We are currently in a bit of a test-and-see stage :)
  5. JamieMe

    Vinegar Teeth Issue One Review [ReviewFix]

    This sounds interesting. What a name too, ha ha!
  6. JamieMe

    START AGAIN #1 stocked by @vault29. Super happy...

    START AGAIN #1 stocked by @vault29. Super happy!
  7. JamieMe

    Start Again Issue One Review: Deep [ReviewFix]

    Welcome, absolutely LOVED this review. Appreciate the time and effort you went to!
  8. JamieMe

    My pre-final story looking for critique

    Ha ha, it happens. These posts are good for that!
  9. JamieMe

    My pre-final story looking for critique

    I'll have a read, asap, but up front: For the comic lettering some of the I's are wrong. Here is a link to explain how they can be corrected. Easy fix that.
  10. JamieMe

    Comic Reviews Section Posting Rules

    Hello everyone, Here are the simple rules for posting in this sub-forum. Posting a link to a review on another site The title of the post should look like this: Comic title review, issue or volume number and then [Site Reviewing]. For example, Rat Rampage #1 Review [Comic Crusaders] Post an...
  11. JamieMe

    Queen #1 Review [Comicsverse]

    Jamie Me’s recently released comic, QUEEN #1, seems almost prophetic. Landing on Kickstarter on the British election day, then released on the 5th of November, QUEEN is about political backdoor dealings and back-stabbings. The world of QUEEN is one filled with the complex story of a government...
  12. JamieMe

    START AGAIN #1 Review [Bleeding Cool]

    Start Again is an enthralling dive into celebrity culture, social media, and the ins-and-outs of social life mixed with being a famous superhero. It balances the public identity and personal in an interesting manner too. Jamie Me, Toni Doya, and Sean Callahan did a fantastic job with this book...
  13. JamieMe

    PUV to OCTRTA is looking like a 1/3 increase in participation. HUGE.

    PUV to OCTRTA is looking like a 1/3 increase in participation. HUGE.
  14. JamieMe

    Artist looking for likeminded writer

    Maybe if the writing doesn't happen you could letter the project :)?
  15. JamieMe

    Working For Free

    These four pages can also be put elsewhere and in other stuff. Another thing that the teams could all agree on, in private, is that they can be put at the end of your other works as bonus material, but... it might just be easier to use the anthologies as a sort of DLC instead. Lots of options...
  16. JamieMe

    Artist looking for likeminded writer

    AWESOME looking art, and I'm sure you'll find a like-minded collaborator!
  17. JamieMe

    Working For Free

    There is a core difference in how the ComicBookHour collaborations work. They are comprised of lots of people all agreeing that they want an outcome for something in return. What may be easy to forget, especially in these arguments, is that many of the talent involved are seeking out a finished...
  18. JamieMe

    Sproot The Mighty Chicken looking for Collab team. Artist/Colors/Letters/Editor

    Should be a good start to lettering with others :)
  19. JamieMe

    Upload Images To Instagram From Desktop

    This was the best find of the year for social media. Happy to pass the information on!
  20. JamieMe

    #ComicBookHour Q&A Episode 2 "PROMOTING COMICS" (2018)

    Welcome to episode 2 of the NEW 52 drive from #ComicBookHour. Just answer the questions below, and build your CBH rank up. You'll get exclusive perks the higher your message count is on the boards! Q1: What hashtags do you use to promote comics on Twitter, and how many should you use per tweet...