1. DLF

    Making a Comic Podcast

    An acquaintance of mine via twitter (@TheSigmaOmega) contacted me about wanting to start a podcast about comics. Unfortunately I'm a bit swamped with my own poidcast BUT I figured the Comic Book Hour community might have some people interested in grabbing a mic and talking with him. I'm not 100%...
  2. Adrenaline Shots

    How important is it to attend cons?

    Hey Guys I've been trying to plan a couple of con appearances this year and am getting very frustrated as I travel with work and am getting a lot of clashes with cons that I want to attend. Just wanted to know people's thoughts on: is this holding me and my comic back? In military terms I like...
  3. K

    New comic book Joon

    Hey everyone! My name's Kelsey Kasperski from Toronto ON, and I wanted to share my new comic book Joon, which has been a one woman project for the last few months. Issue one will be available this June, issue two Autumn 2018. This is a sci-fi adventure about the sudden...
  4. Roddy McCance

    Tales Of Fractured Worlds live on Kickstarter now!

    Tales Of Fractured Worlds is now live on Kickstarter! It features art from Rolands Kalniņš , Donna Anita Black, Una Dunphy, Thodoris Laourdekis, Kevin Keane and Barbara Oliveira. There's more stunning stuff to come from Alicia Warhola, Clare Foley and George Kambadais and then a few more...
  5. Guillermo

    please take a look to my inktober 2017

    hi everybody thanks for watch.
  6. S


    This is a special perk for only indie creators!!!!! Be a hero and check it out!
  7. S

    SeerNova Comics: a new up and coming indie comic book company

    We at SeerNova Comics are an up and coming company with tons of original content within our own massive universe of unique characters. Our goal is not to only share our content with the world and grow, but to help other fellow indie comic creators as well by promoting them on our site and...
  8. Guillermo

    Inktober Art 2017

    please take a look at my work on this inktober thanks
  9. AliceL

    Inktober, or "Pictural countdown to Halloween"

    Day 1 : @AaronFever and @GeorgeKambadais 's #SWIFT ! Because... well, "Swift" ! Duh.
  10. djwaglmuffin

    How to draw/write comics: A series

    I am working towards teaching via Picarto stream how to draw and write comics (with a tad more emphasis on writing). A few nights ago, someone commissioned me to do a little character for them and they confessed to me they hadn't thought of anything for this character besides what they looked...
  11. Zumie

    NSFW Dei Ex Machina: Fragility

    Dei Ex Machina: Fragility is currently now on sale at Amazon, currently the ebook is $1.99 US and the Print book is $4.99 US. As for it being released in other locations, that may be the case in the future, but not at the moment. I'm working on it though! Both the ebook and the print book link...
  12. djwaglmuffin

    Djwaglmuffin in the HOUSE

    Woot! I'm an aspiring webcomic artist working hard to improve my skills and bring what's on my mind and heart to yours. It's a long struggle upwards and I appreciate all the support I get! You can check me out here: (google+ and twitter is where I post official comic updates and announcements)...
  13. B

    Vilified Pitch: "The Face You See"

    As we all know, villains aren't born evil. It's not until a horrific act we come to associate the villain's face with their dark side. Who were they before then? For those closest to them, a villain was a friend, a lover, a parent, a child. Did that change the day they realized their loved one's...
  14. M

    Boston Metaphysical Society (Steampunk Comic)

    Hi Everyone: My name is Madeleine Holly-Rosing, writer/creator of Boston Metaphysical Society. Emily Hu is the artist. The six-issue mini-series is about an ex-Pinkerton detective, a spirit photographer, and a genius scientist who battle supernatural forces in late 1800's Boston. We began...
  15. BlackMagicWolf

    10,000 Miles

    Hey everyone, hope you all are well. In August, I will be launching my next comic project on Kickstarter. It's called 10,000 Miles, and I see it being a Disney/Pixar style story in graphic novel format. The story is about two brothers who find life literally separating them for the first time...
  16. BlackMagicWolf

    Websites That Promote Kickstarters/Interview Creators

    Hey guys! So, my next comic project is a Disney/Pixar style adventure called 10,000 Miles, and like my previous comic, I'm going to have to fund it on Kickstarter. Since I'm doing it graphic novel style (meaning the whole story is in one book) I'm going to have to go for a pretty high funding...
  17. Roddy McCance

    Tales Of The Fractured Mind

    Hello, My name is Roddy McCance and I am the writer for Tales Of The Fractured Mind. The artist, inker and letter is the awesome Rolands Kalnins ( Tales Of The Fractured Mind ...Is a graphic novel anthology examining the causes, effects and stigmas of...
  18. J

    Looking For Work Professional Comic Letterer

    Hi I'm currently lettering a major game tie-in title for Titan Comics (the comic has not yet been announced so I can't currently reveal it's title). I'm available for freelance work lettering your comics. Rates are negotiable. I'm happy to do a sample page for your approval.
  19. MegaRdaniels

    Writing Setting for your Comic Book

    Does anyone have some sort of difficulty describing setting in their script? I have for a long time and every time I write something down in regards to a specific place, I always feel something is missing. Have you all feel the same way?
  20. MegaRdaniels

    Stringy and Mopy: The Adventure Begins - A Werewolf Superhero Webcomic

    In this adrenaline pumping, action-adventure/superhero comedy loosely based on the webcomic Sonichu, Mopy Garret has failed to save his mom from an ancient evil who wants a mysterious badge called the Alpha to raise his army of the undead to form a coup to overthrow world governments in place of...