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    Hi folk at Comic Book Hour! My name is Lauren and consider myself to be a weaver of tales, conjurer of other worlds, and chronicler of my lifes journey. But more of it being not prose books, but comic books on the web. Here is my Artist Alley thread form which I will sell my wares.

    I have two going comics on trapastic that there is the link for at the bottom called Life in the Slow Line and Clean up this Mess. Both are based of my life LSL mostly in a zine kind of format that is filled with thoughts on things that have happened in my life and my thoughts on the world around me. CM is one based on dealing with my Day Job.

    bg copy2b.jpg day job2.jpg blues.jpg Goals.jpg
    Not only that I have a couple of ideas of comics in the works that I will post here. They are mostly in the planning stages right now.
    You can also find me on twttier @jelne were I will be talking about whatever comes to mind. And posting my art and fan art.
    If you want to support me here are the different ways to do that.
    Buy Me a Coffee
    IG: artoflaurenrfoote

    I hope you come back to see what other worlds and tales that I have for you.
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    I know that it has been ages since I last updated. Or been on line. A lot has happened, got a new member of the family. I finished up a website to put all of my stuff on line. With out having to worry about if the other site is down or things get to hot for me, to think about if I want to stay there.
    Right now it is bare bones. But over the next little bit I will update.

    My more permanent home for my art.
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    I just changed the rewards for my Patreon. So I would love it if people were to check it out.

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