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Discussion in 'Comic Jobs' started by Donathin Frye, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Donathin Frye

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    I'm looking for someone to team with to submit to Iron Circus's FTL, Y'all anthology series. This is a paying gig if our submission is accepted. The submission isn't a fully finished comic, but rather a packet -- I've a good deal of experience putting these packets together now. The stickler: there's only about a month to put this packet together, and that's important to keep in mind!

    The story I'm working on is a quiet, slice-of-life dramatic short comic. I'm happy to chat more about the plot if you're interested. I'm looking for black/white(greyscale optional) art with a distinctive, emotive style. I'm not looking for more standard comic book/super-hero art for this particular project!

    My previously published work includes the graphic novella Survivor in the ALL THE KING'S MEN sci-fi anthology published by Deeper Meanings, the ongoing dark fantasy/horror series I, Necromancer published on Comixology, and the upcoming ongoing urban fantasy series Rewind coming to comic shops and stands in early 2018 by a publisher (TBA soon!) Some of my webcomic writing work includes the series Atonement (sci-fi/horror), and Adventures of Toad: Unspoken (all-ages fantasy/adventure).

    If you're interested in partnering up with me, please reach out with a direct message or post here so that I can reach out to you. A link or several to share some of what you do with me would be very helpful in me finding a good match for the story I've in mind. Also hit me up if you have questions! Thanks and best wishes to you all. : )
  2. Kevin Pass

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    Hey, If you are still looking I'm interested in having a go. Here is my comic Samaritan. If my style suits what you are after let me know I'm wanting to try new things.

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