[Artist/Colorist] Looking to Team Up

Hello, everyone! My name is Micah and I'm the creator of the Sparrow. I am hoping to team up with one of you fine writers out there to create an excellent team for this anthology! I'm eager for this, partly because it will be my first major collaboration, and partly because I'd love the opportunity to get some published cred. I'm a hard worker and I really want this to do well, so I'll make sure I give your story my all.

As mentioned in the title, I'm an artist looking to team up with a writer. I would love to help bring your story to life. If all goes well, I believe I can have all four pages complete within two weeks -- a month, tops, depending on how much back and forth we need to get it right.

While I'm very eager to do all the art from pencils on up, I have a real passion for coloring. I'd love to team up with another artist as well and do the colors for their pencils/inks. Coloring is the part of a picture where I really get "in the zone" and I feel the art just pouring out. So if any writer/artist teams would like to add a colorist, please consider me!

You can find 20 pages worth of sequential art at my webcomic, the Sparrow! I did all of the pages myself from start to finish in a little over 2 months. That should give you an understanding of my range of comic art. Below, you will find a few pages that I think stand out from the rest, as well as a few standalone examples of my coloring work.

If you're interested in working with me, please feel free to contact me here in this thread, via PM, or via email (micahweltsch@gmail.com).

Thank you for your time and I look forward to the chance to work with you all!

Examples of my work:

Comic Pages:




Thank you again!