Hiring Artist for 4 page Short

I'm looking to hire an artist for my 4 page short I created for the Ever Afterward anthology on r/comicbookcollabs

Moby Dick is a family whale, he has a wife, a baby on the way and plenty of buddy’s who enjoy deep diving and munching squid as much as he does. He is as happy as a giant white sperm whale can be. So, happy in fact that it never occurs to him that his wife is carrying someone else’s baby.

Moby decides to raise the baby boy as his own. He loves his wife, and he can forgive her, but not until he smashes some boats.

It’s a story of forgiveness and innocence.

My budget for the story is fifty bucks.

The Script for Moby Dick is An Angry Whale
Moby Dick is An Angry Whale 2.png

It’s not much but that’s what patreon is allowing at the moment. You can contact me here or on twitter @allkindsofshane