Artist looking for a team!

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Hello! I'm Samn, I'm an artist looking for a team to partner up with for this anthology. I'd love to work on something supernatural related, ideally, but if you're interested in my work I'd love to look through any story ideas!

You can see examples of my comic work at and and my portfolio at I'd particularly like to do a longer, more story based thing in the more simple, cartoonish style I use for my biocomics! It can be something serious, but in a simplistic style. I think that could be really effective.

Thanks for reading! I'm sort of a lurker on this forum so it'll be fun to get more involved :)
Hey Samn! I'm Mike Lynch, a writer who was watching this anthology but haven't really reached out to anyone yet.

I dig your style and kinda had a budding idea for the anthology, so if you'd like we can get in touch and talk it over. All my current web stuff is at , you maybe you wanna take a look to see if we'd be compatible?

Regardless, good luck on your search!
Hi! This is my first post on this forum actually (the mods shared this on twitter)

I've previously practiced writing comics and am the self published writer of the post apocalyptic/medival adventure comic "the Hereafter" I'm working at the moment in prose towards a novel length idea called Ward 13 (which I've previously written as a comic script)

I'd love to write more comics (the artist of The Hereafter is a bit busy at the moment with twin 1yo daughters). I've got a few ideas including supernatural ones which I can PM you or discuss here. I like working on ideas with artists rather than throwing something directly at them. I'm open to writing one shots or ongoing.