Artist looking for likeminded writer [found!]

found someone!^^;

Hi there,
I'm looking for a writer to work on this project with, preferably someone who is a lady like myself or queer, or both! My webcomic, which is almost 2 years old at this point, explores the young female adolescence and features an entirely queer cast - which basically illustrates what kind of themes I am interested in. I also really like classic fantasy stuff, slice-of-life daily kind of things..I guess those are the kind of things I am more experienced with and feel more confident drawing.

I can work in a variety of styles and materials and am very flexible. My website is here but it's only a small selection of my work.
Here's some more examples (comic bits and pieces)

edit: I did bold that detail, but please don't email me if you're uhh..neither of the above! No offense! Just wanna feel safe with my work and who I work with, that's all. Thanks for understanding!

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I'm more than willing to write something specific to what you want. Though I'm male and straight, I believe I can deliver something you may like in a relatively short period. I also letter if that helps. Can send examples and previous works.