Hiring B+W Horror/Cyberpunk Comic Artist

Update: Original post is preserved below for archival reference, but I'm no longer looking to fill this position.


I'm looking to partner with an artist for an upcoming small press project. I'll be writing the 24 page comic, and there will be an editor as well. If you'd like to learn more about me, as a writer, you can check out my ongoing dark fantasy series I, Necromancer online.

I can't say too much about it yet, so I'll just leave you some bullet points about what the story is and what I'd love to find:

Story is
- Black & White.
- Cyberpunk/Horror.
- Very character focused.
- Weird sometimes. Requires a compelling, perhaps abstract vision of cyberspace and the Dark Web.

I'd love to find someone
- Nice. I'm a super easy guy to get along with, open to feedback, and actively look for good, passionate, friendly people to collaborate with.
- Reliable. I juggle a ton of projects and the less I have to worry about the folks I work with meeting deadlines, the happier and healthier I am.
- Aggressively and intelligently inventive. There are stories that benefit from the tried-and-true. This isn't one of those stories. Being able to tell a story well is a must, but there's experimentation to be had here.

Job offers
- A paid page rate. The rate varies some based on experience.
- The option to continue with the series should we enjoy the collaboration and the series survives the trial of the small press marketplace, up to a potential of four issues a year.
- A contract with a small press publisher. I'm just the writer, not the publisher.

In you're interested in tossing your name in the hat for consideration, or if you have any questions, just shoot me an email to say hello, introduce yourself, and share some links to your sequential portfolio (or an equivalent). If you have anything in a similar style to what I describe above, great! You can reach me at dfrye.creative@gmail.com -- I am positive that I'm going to get a bit overwhelmed with emails, so don't stress if you don't hear back from me immediately.

If it seems like we might work well together on this, I'll send you more information on the story/series. It's important that I'm a good fit for you, too! I will respond to everyone, and if you aren't selected, I am still very grateful for your time and attention.
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Thanks for all of the responses so far! I'm always excited to see folks share their great art. I'm putting portfolios in front of necessary parties, weighing in with my thoughts, and am looking to make a call within the next week. So if you'd like to be considered, there's still time to reach out to me, but the window is closing. : )
Thank you to everyone who has reached out and shared their work. This job listing is no longer active, but should another appropriate opportunity come along, I'll be certain to review your portfolios again.