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Discussion in 'Comic Discussion' started by AnitaComics, Aug 24, 2017.

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    I've been working on the same comic for the past year, for the first time writing and drawing alone. I'm finishing the first story arc right now, and planned two more years of work (read: three volumes). I'm aware I get tired of stuff kinda easily, so it isn't a surprise that I don't feel involved in the story and characters anymore - it's usually just a phase. I need to shift focusing on something else, or I just keep drawing without a soul. While pondering on this situation, I realized I saved too much time for the comic alone this year, and that I wasn't doing anything beside working and drawing, drawing and working (and a lil' bit of social life, of course, but most of my friends are artists so that's what we mostly talk about). I immediately signed up for a couple of courses that has nothing to do with comics, and I feel reenergized at the sole idea that I'm gonna learn something new, and meet people with different paths and all.

    The question is: how do you balance between the awful amount of time a comic requires, and the time needed to live life and get inspired? Do you just need to follow artists online, or read other comics, or do you need to do something else too, to be creative?
    I'm asking expecially to those of you who do not make a living out of comics, because the day job is one big part of the day that goes by without helping on the creative side.
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    I have a fairly set schedule for my days that allows for comic making, my full time job, and the rest of my life! I know my comic will take several years to complete and I deal with the burnout by setting up small chapters. It doesn't change the amount of pages I have to do, but mentally it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.

    I try to only work on my comic during the week to have weekends free to spend doing activities like going to the zoo, bar hopping, hiking, chilling out, taking classes, etc. I also have made sure to set a goal I know I can complete, one fully colored page a week, so I don't get overwhelmed. I try to fit in a collaboration or two occasionally. Having other small projects to complete really helps me feel more creative and gives me the chance to work on something new, and that helps me appreciate my main comic.
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    That's more or less the same I do. I set my goal of two pages per week, and took up a few other small projects to refresh my mind any time. I sadly have a job with very flexible hours, which seems good but it actually means I'm not sure about which days of the week I'll be off from work, and this makes it harder to actually organize a schedule (expecially for classes), but I try my best
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    My "schedule" is all over the place. I try to get as much as I can done Mon- Fri( actually take a day or 2 off during the weeknights so I can come home & rest/watchTV/movies), but short of lately, my motivation has been shot so I go into the weekends working on stuff. It doesnt bother me too much, coz other than going to the movies, an occasional convention, or side errands to the comic shop, computer/tech store, I dont step out much. I'm trying to get to the point where I can get the most done with what time I can allot to it so that I can have more time to rest and keep up my motivation for it.
  5. This thread speaks to me in so many ways! I work a full time job, am in a commited relationship which eats up alot of my time. By the time I get home from an average day I cook dinner, sit down and before I know it I've gotta' crash out or risk being a zombie the next day at work. Not fun. Little tricks I've acquired over the years help get me through. I utilize the crap outta' my lunch break at work. I'm lucky enough to get an hour. First off I pack my lunch...saves me the time of having to venture out and waste time and money on fast food. That affords me the time to break out my sketchbook(I carry a normal size, and mini sketch book) and get some drawing done. At the bare minimum I can knock out a few frames. Getting them down on paper saves me so much time later on. If you're a digital artist then you can get the sketches down at least and go over them on the computer. Funny thing is I get way more inspiration mid day doing this than I do at home when i attempt to draw. I chalk it up to the fact I'm focusing on what I want to do vs what I have to do to pay the bills haha.

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