Calling all inkers and colorist Sproot The Mighty Chicken is in a spot of bother and needs you.

Update update
The team is full now. Thanks everyone.


We have a penciller and a letterer. The art is moving right a long thanks to @Andrew Taylor.

But we still need an inker an colorist to complete the project.


I'm Shane and I'm writing a story about a Mighty Rooster.

The story is set on the farm of a HIll Dwarf called Hilo. He grows shallots, onions, garlic, and other things to make delicious soups and stews. Hilo also has a few animals, including a chickens, pigs, and a few cows for milking. Even though most of the animals live in the barn, the chickens live in a coop.

Sproot and his Coop is under attack. Namwoc the Smasher has destroyed the dwarf's Onion patch. and is on his way to destroy a field of Garlic. The Coop is between the two fields and is in great danger. Now Sproot must turn his attention from managing the fertilizer and egg production of the farm to returning to his dancing barbarian roots and taking up his sword once again to defeat the hulking minotaur.

The script is in production and the outline planned. It's in the perfect place for collaboration with the artist and letterer to coordinate the story and panels.

You will be happy to know that you will be working with a competent script writer and storyteller. I can give samples of my work and other projects upon request. I love working with a team and developing stories in a group format. It's exciting to know that at any moment an idea can take an unexpected turn and create the spark that starts a journey. Even for a Chicken.

Bonus points for figuring out the meaning of Namwoc.

I imagine Sproot to have He-Man's bangs, Old Caramon's girth and strength, and Conan's skill with a sword. Hilo and Sproot were adventurers in their younger days and are both to old for this crap.

So if you are interested then leave a reply.
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