[CLOSED] Artist looking for Writer and or Colorist for OCTRTA

Discussion in 'Collaboration Forum' started by lizkreates, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. lizkreates

    lizkreates White Belt

    Hello! I'm Liz and I'm interested in doing a collab! Some of you might know me as the person who made the CLIP template HERE used for the original Power Ups: Vilified anthology and now this one!

    Edit: I've found a role as a colorist! I'm looking over scripts right now so I'm still open to pitch ideas in next week or so before I decide on a drawing project. Feel free to throw them my way!

    While I can color myself, I’m open to collabing with a colorist. That means less work for me and an opportunity for you. ;D

    You can view my portfolio here:

    I make a fantasy-esque webcomic called Threader:
    Threader is currently on a break right now, but I will return. I want to line-up future projects in the meantime and OCTRTA is on my list.

    If you’re a writer looking to collab please link to some samples of your work and your idea pitch, please! Fellow artists who are looking to color my work, please link to samples as well. :3

    Feel free to DM me here or
    on twitter: https://twitter.com/lizkreates
    or email: lizkreates@gmail.com
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  2. Kevin Pass

    Kevin Pass 4-Stripe White Belt

    Hi Liz,
    I'm on the lookout for an artist for my script and I want to see if you are interested in the concept. The first draft of the script is up to read here.

    My previous work is the comic Samaritan

    I'm not going to commit on an artist until the weekend as I want to give others a chance to look and show interest in the pitch so if you see another project in that time that catches your eye thats fine but that means there may be an opportunity for you to fill the role of colourist if you were still interested.
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  3. Kyle Law

    Kyle Law White Belt

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  4. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Legend :)
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  5. lizkreates

    lizkreates White Belt

    Thanks so much for the interest Kevin! I really enjoyed reading your script, it's filled with a lot of lush detail and cinematic sequences. I also read Samaritan, those emotional beats really pulled at my heartstrings, great work! I don't think I'd be able to have an answer for you in time since I want to wait until about mid to the end of next week before committing to a drawing project. I've found a project to board on as a colorist. While I would say yes to coloring yes, because you have a great sense of atmosphere, I unfortunately don't want to overextend myself. Maybe we can collab on a short in the future!
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  6. Kevin Pass

    Kevin Pass 4-Stripe White Belt

    Hey thats unfortunate but I totally understand wanting to wait. I'm writing Sirens Call, hoping to draw another writers pitch while also working on my next webcomic so I'm needing to get things locked in as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your words on Samaritan it means a lot. And yeah hopefully we can collab in the future.
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  7. JimTheBadger

    JimTheBadger White Belt

    Still taking scripts?
  8. lizkreates

    lizkreates White Belt

    Yup! Shoot me an email at: lizkreates@gmail.com . I'll be deciding which to draw tomorrow!
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  9. DLF

    DLF Blue Belt

    Weird, my earlier message didn't post. In any case, I've dropped an email too
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