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    Here is the sticky thread for all unpaid comic work and opportunities.

    Make sure you provide the following details:

    Information about who you are, and your experience in the industry.
    What is the project. Sell it!
    Who are you looking to work with, and in what capacity.
    Will the project split creative rights, or what rights will the collaborator(s) get?

    Let's make some cool stuff starting right here on ComicBookHour. Enjoy!
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    Hey, I'm Paul. If you've seen some of my other posts, you'll know I'm the writer and creator of Rotten Roots. I've also written anthology pieces for the IF Anthology and Under the Streetlight.
    I'm currently looking for an artist and letterer to join me on a short, 5-page entry for the Starship Anthology mentioned here on the Comic Book Hour boards. It's about a young girl and her radical views on life; short and sweet!
    Rights and rewards will be determined as according to the rules stipulated in the anthology.

    If anyone might be interested, please contact me!
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  3. Jaymes Reed

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    I'd be interested in working on that 5-pager with you, if you're still looking for someone ;)
  4. Roddy McCance

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    Hello, my name is Roddy and I'm the writer of Tales Of The Fractured Mind ( I've been featured in comics by Gray Haven Comics, FutureQuake Press, Markosia as well as Kayfabe: A Wrestling Anthology.

    I'm seeking an unpaid artist to work on a 4 page script for a charity anthology. The anthology is called Manchester Unbreakable

    (find out more info here > ) and it's obviously an important anthology with all the proceeds going to charity. It's also pretty close to me as I used to live in Manchester.

    There is no real reward or financial gain, its for charity and all proceeds are being donated to charity so I can't offer you much, but hopefully we'll have fun and forge a good working relationship and move on to paid work!


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  5. NicaEvilside

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    Hello, everyone!

    I’m a writer looking for an artist to collaborate with on a 10- to 20-page submission to this competition:

    It’s a great opportunity to win a publishing contract with Myriad Editions and a deal for a television adaptation with Roughcut TV, a major production company in the UK. Any profit made would be split rightfully between me and the artist. In order to maximise our success rate, I have devised a story that would work well for comics and television alike, as it’s structured into self-contained episodes featuring the same characters, like a sitcom, but it also has an overarching narrative informing each episode.

    I already have a full outline in place for the first episode, which would be the 10 or 20 pages of material I intend to submit, so I estimate the script will take me about five weeks to complete, possibly even less. This should give the artist enough time to turn it into sequential art before September 30th. I have added more details on plot and characters below.

    Since I was 14, I have had a novel, a novella, short stories, journalistic articles, and comics published in English, Italian, or sometimes both languages. I have freelanced as a writer and editor for two years and have been commissioned two sci-fi comics and two translation of existing comics; moreover, two of my own short comics have been selected for publication by FutureQuake Press. If you wish to see a portfolio of previous works, feel free to have a look at my website:

    If you are interested, please get in touch with a comment, a PM, or an email sent to this address: I will be happy to share the outline of the first episode with anyone who would be willing to take part in this adventure.

    Thank you!


    An unsuccessful wannabe chef signs up for a role-playing game about thieves and superheroes, in which the winner is granted one wish.

    What is This Really About?

    It’s the story of a group of misfits who take shelter in an imaginary world, where they can be whoever they want and achieve their ambitions.

    What is T&T?

    T&T stands for “Thieves & Tights.” It’s an international live-action role-playing game in which Thieves challenge Tights – superheroes, that is – by stealing something from their territory (their house or workplace; anywhere they have a strong connection with). To win the challenge, Tights need to defeat Thieves by any means necessary within 24 hours, so long as no one dies. The winner earns points; the loser has to accept any punishment chosen by their opponent. Those who accumulate 100 points unlock the game’s main prize: the opportunity to fulfil one wish of their choice, whatever it may be.


    KELLY PRICE (LASER MUFFIN), 23, a nerd with a wild imagination and poor organisational skills. She has a real talent for cooking and specialises in Japanese food, which she became passionate about as a teenager due to her interest in manga and anime. However, she’s disorganised and impractical, hence why she’s stuck doing the washing up and serving tables at Café Mirage, and why most of her attempts at cooking end in disaster.

    CIGAR (?), 25, a Thief whose name no one really knows. She’s always complaining about her high IQ, as her intelligence prevents her from fulfilling her dream of becoming a secretary. Her overbearing parents forced her to become a rocket scientist, so she’s overqualified for any secretarial position. Hoping to win T&T and have her wish for a lower IQ granted, she leaves her job and adopt her Thief identity in her day-to-day life to hide from her family, who would otherwise demand that she go back to her stellar career.

    MARTIN FATMAN (CHEFORDINAIRE), 45, the baker and ice-cream maker at Café Mirage. He thinks of himself as a great chef instead of an average café cook, so he takes any chance to bask in his own self-satisfaction, for example exploiting Kelly’s childish admiration. However, he also considers her his protégé and treats her almost like a niece. He’s not a bad fellow; he’s just full of himself.
  6. Justin

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    I'm looking to try my hand at comic writing. I've recently submitted to the ghostcity comics competition and liked the writing process. I can draw but I'd like to focus on the writing part for awhile. I'm looking to submit to anthologies and other competitions in the future and need a team. Anyone wanting to collaborate let me know here or on twitter: (at)invaderofworlds.
  7. JamieMe

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    You should try have a pop at our anthology :)
  8. Justin

    Justin White Belt

    It's first on the list! I think I got an idea too.
  9. PJAxel17

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm putting together an anthology to raise funds to help Puerto Rico, with the assistance of Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Smoketown, Warlords of Appalachia, Last Sons of America). We are looking for creators/creative teams to put together a 4-6 page story either about Puerto Rico in specific, or the idea of perseverance in general. The form to sign up is here: You do NOT need a finished product until November, so feel free to sign up now (I realize November is soon, but the project is B/W, and the quick turnaround time is so we can get funds to the island ASAP). We have a nice mix of name-brand pros and "amateurs" (none of us are really amateur). I have kept this under wraps, but we some of the names we have on board are:

    * Ron Marz
    * Morgan Lee
    * Ramon Gil
    * Emmett Helen
    * Phillip Kennedy Johnson
    * Scott Snyder (as long as we keep reminding him he said he'd do this)

    Please, PLEASE consider joining us!

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