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    Here is the sticky thread for all unpaid comic work and opportunities.

    Make sure you provide the following details:

    Information about who you are, and your experience in the industry.
    What is the project. Sell it!
    Who are you looking to work with, and in what capacity.
    Will the project split creative rights, or what rights will the collaborator(s) get?

    Let's make some cool stuff starting right here on ComicBookHour. Enjoy!
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    Hey, I'm Paul. If you've seen some of my other posts, you'll know I'm the writer and creator of Rotten Roots. I've also written anthology pieces for the IF Anthology and Under the Streetlight.
    I'm currently looking for an artist and letterer to join me on a short, 5-page entry for the Starship Anthology mentioned here on the Comic Book Hour boards. It's about a young girl and her radical views on life; short and sweet!
    Rights and rewards will be determined as according to the rules stipulated in the anthology.

    If anyone might be interested, please contact me!
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