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Hello everybody!! We are is "Papillon Studio" profesional artists, illustrator, and comic.
Papillon Studio is a creative studio dedicated to developing professional, high-quality science fiction, fantasy, and action-adventure custom comics or manga, as well as specialty illustrations and storyboards for video game developers.
We can do all kind style comic (west style, manga, shonen, etc).
And here's our rates info for comic :
-Basic $60/page (Pencils, Inks)
-Basic $90/page (Pencils, Inks, Greyscale/Halftone)
-Regular $125/page (Pencils, Inks, Colors)
-Premium $220/page (Pencils, Inks, Colors)

If for digital coloring only we rate :
-Regular Greyscale/Tone $35/page
-Medium $75/page
-Premium $100/page
We usually accept payment by PayPal method with US Dollar currency.
Our rates is vary and of course negotiable is available.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you!
We can discuss anything.
I hope we can make a some deal and talk more about budget, detail project, etc.
Deviant art : http://papillonstudio.deviantart.com/
ZWOL : papillonstudio
If interested, please message me here or email me at :

comic Kris n friends adventure page 03_clr prev.jpg page 06 & 6a_Clr.jpg page_18_color_by_papillonstudio-d7awi0r.jpg page_19_color_by_papillonstudio-d7awi0b.jpg page_22_color_by_papillonstudio-d7awhyo.jpg page_23_color_by_papillonstudio-d7awhxo.jpg rahwana_bangkit_p22_penciled_by_Haryadi_papillonstudio-d7aw871.jpg VF4 page 50-51 clr prev.jpg voltron_force_vol_4_pinup_by_papillonstudio-d716n1q.jpg comic Kris n friends adventure page 01_clr prev.jpg