Comic Jobs Section Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]

Discussion in 'Comic Jobs' started by JamieMe, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. JamieMe

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    Here are the rules for posting in the Comic Jobs section.

    1. You must be posting or looking for paid work. All other unpaid offers need to go here.

    2. You need to use the appropriate prefix "HIRING" or "LOOKING FOR WORK" in every new thread.

    3. You may only post a "Looking For Work" thread once per week. No bumping threads either.

    4. We do not class rights splits, back end pay and other alternate payment methods as "PAID WORK". They will need to go into the post listed in rule 1 along with non-paying anthologies.

    This section may be updated. We will alert you if so.
  2. ZEKE

    ZEKE White Belt

    May we bump our original "looking for work" thread once a week instead of creating a new one? I assume it'd be an acceptable alternate, but I just want to double check since rule 3 currently says "[...] No bumping threads either". I don't plan on bumping anyways since it's not a super active area of the forum, so people can afford to look past the first page, but I figured I'd ask for clarification just in case.

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