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Hiring Comicbook Artist

my name is Bundting and I am looking for an artist for a comic book project.
If you're ready to put your creative power and time in an exciting comic adventure send me a piece of your work to bundtingentertainment@gmail.com

Send me one of the following pages:
a) 1 page - 3 or 6 panels. brawl in a dark alley. 6 people.
b) 1 page - 6 panels. car crash (someone gets hit by a car). another person walk towards the victim (out of the shadows).
c) 1 page 3 or 6 panels. interior of a church with a group of girls. a man is talking to girls.

I'm looking for an unique style that mutually contributes to the story and is able to set the ambiance. So the artist will be able to co-create the world and environment. The setting should be a dystopian partially estroyed city. Thank you.
To start off, I will be paying 5 to 15 per page, depending on your time availabilty.
The fully written script would be provided after the viewing of your samples.

Send your samples to bundtingentertainment@gmail.com
I'm really looking forward to it.

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You're definitely going to have to increase your payment offer if you want to get quality artists. Comic pages take hours of work (for me it's 1 hr for pencils, 45 minutes for inking, 30 min for lettering, and 2-3 hrs for coloring/shading) That's about five hours of work, for which I'd be getting paid $1-3 an hour. You'd have to offer at least $35 a page to even give artists minimum wage for their work. And you're not even offering payment for developing the visual look of a dystopian city, which I assure you would also take hours and hours of work.

This is just a tip, and an explanation for why you probably haven't gotten any replies on this topic.