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Discussion in 'Updates' started by JamieMe, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    What's happening #ComicBookHour?

    Welcome to the official thread for this week's MONETIZATION special. We are now going to end every Q&A with a link to a thread that will be posted during the day, so if you are reading this before feel free to post whatever you like. You might have some pre-Q&A thoughts on the theme, and that is fine! Shoot!

    This week's sponsor:


    If you are interested in entering their competition. Just click this link here.

    Quick fire thread starter:

    What is your favourite way to sell your comics, and why?
  2. Brandon Peyton

    Brandon Peyton White Belt

    Digitally, because it's the only way I can afford at the moment, lol.
  3. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Smart business then! Where do you like selling them digitally?
  4. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome Q&A. I think the BIG news is that LINE Webtoon might be starting up ads?

    SNOWDON 4-Stripe White Belt

    I mentioned this in the Twitter event, but I really do think it's a topic worthy of more discussion: Why aren't comic sites doing more to cross promote the comics they host?

    I mean getting readers to check out other comics on the same site. If you go to Tapastic and you read my comic, why don't you see banners promoting similar comics. "Oh, hey, that looks like the sort of comic I'd read! Maybe I'll go check it out!"

    SmackJeeves kinda does this, but not very well. There's a "Similar Comics" box hidden well below everything else on a comic's profile page. I've been reading comics there for months and never noticed it until I went looking for it. When I did find it, I discovered that apparently Smackjeeves thinks Pokemon fan fiction and whimsical fantasy adventures are both similar to R-rated sci-fi/horror.

    Hiveworks has a banner you can click to check out other Hiveworks comics, but it's completely random. Tapastic doesn't have anything at all. Nada. Nothing.

    I really believe that these sites should be doing more, both to get readers to the site and once readers are on the site, get them reading as many comics there as possible. They can do this by actively promoting some of the best comics on the site, then getting people from those comics to others through cross promoting similar comics.

    The more comics people are reading on the site, the more ad revenue the host brings in and the more likely your comic will get seen by someone who likes the kind of comic you're making!
  6. Shanny8

    Shanny8 Blue Belt

    Conventions. Though it's costly sometimes to pay for a table for cons, that's my best opportunity to make money and spread awareness for my comics. Right now digital sales is a steep uphill battle for me, and I havent been winning.

    I'm on board that I need to make my own site and look into avenues such as ads, revenue, and other stuff to help me sell more, but sometimes looking at the simple task of site building is a drag for me. Between working my day gig, making my comics, & trying to get in some days to rest so that I dont burnout I'm not finding much time to plan the construction of my site.

    The whole mess is frustrating coz I'm looking at my reads/views increase on my comic, but transforming that into sales & support is disappointing. I try to be positive about the whole thing and keep certain things in perspective, but every now & then I will unravel and get down in the dumps about trying to make $$$.
  7. Kevin Pass

    Kevin Pass White Belt

    Unfortunately the majority of people who read webcomics do so because it's free. The more subs you get the higher chance one will be willing to pay (patreon/tip/buy a book). When I get my comics ready to sell I'll be mainly focussing on cons because people are there to buy stuff you just have to hook them in. That face to face is better than a tweet or a creators note.

    When I go to cons I make an effort to look at every table to see if their comic grabs me.

    My 'site' is the bog standard free wordpress blog site. I pay about £10 a year for my url and thats it. Later on the space allowance will be a problem but I can buy more space later and/or curate what I have but lets just say I've filled only 4% of my limit so far.

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