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#ComicBookHour Q&A Episode 1 (2018)


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Hello everyone,

Here are the questions from today's #ComicBookHour event. Please feel free to answer the questions below if you haven't already, or answer in more depth than Twitter allowed.

Q1: What were your favourite comics of 2017, and why?

Q2: After a controversial end to 2017, what are your current thoughts on Patreon?

Q3: Are there any comic creators that stood out to you in 2017, and if so why?

Q4: What do you make of reports from retailers that sales are down significantly for Marvel comics in 2017, and how will that potentially affect the industry?

Q5: Do you have any comic goals, as a reader or creator, for 2018?


Missed the Q&A on Twitter yesterday 'cause I was sleeping so I'd like to answer them now if that's not a problem.

Q1: My webcomics reading list has mostly stayed the same from 2016 to 17 (I need to branch out more). Everyone in my list is good but if I had to pick favorites then it'd probably be Oops Comic Adventure, Wingless, and R: IL PRESONA for their stories and update consistency. Should also give a shout out to Shiloh, which I started reading a few months ago.

Q2: I'd have more of an opinion if I actually had patrons :confused: ................ Well, self depreciating jokes aside, I think I was more upset for others than upset myself. A lot of my friends and fav creators were disappointed with Patreon, and I remember being mad with them. The controversy did make me aware of Ko-fi and the upcoming Drip, so that's good. I might have better luck there.

Q3: Cyndi Foster is the first that comes to mind. I got to do a short crossover between our comics that she uploaded on her site. Super nice of her and I was glad to finally make a comic for her after she helped me get into webcomics back in 2014. And then she made that Holiday Winter Fest pic with my J-Man in it. First gift art I think I've received without some asking for it or in an art trade. Also, she had a baby and I'm super happy for her.

Q4: I think that's more of a Marvel issue than an industry issue. Conversely DC has been excellent this year (probably the best Superman has been in a while), Dark Horse/IDW still manage their licence properties well, and Image comic's offer lots of unique titles (really enjoying Paper Girls and Snot Girl, two series I didn't expect to like). Marvel has been down to their own fault. Too many event comics and status quo "changes", misunderstanding what made diversity characters like Ultimate Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel work, trying too hard to be the MCU, and just generally being hostile towards fans and criticism of their odd choices.

Honestly this is where webcomics win over the mainstream. There's no editorial mandates and event comics to bog down the story. It's just the artist's intent. I really wish Marvel gets their shit together soon as I still love those characters, but if their gonna be better represented in the movies then it makes sense for people to bail. Hopefully DC can keep up their hot streak.

Q5: As a creator I just want to get back to regular updates for J-Man and Valve. I have a full 22 page comic already made for J-Man ready to queue. That's a good 5 month buffer I finally have. Just gotta finish that dang Book 5 already. For Valve, finishing Book 3 is a given, but I think I want t odo a short for that comic afterwards, like I've done for J-Man. Something goofy just to play with the concept.

As a reader, I should probably get back to commenting on comics. Kinda stop a while ago due to school and work, but I really want to interact more. Maybe I could do more collabs with my favorite webcomicers. That'd be cool. Also I need to download Discord and talk on the Comic Tea Party already.

Wew, I just said a mouth full. Guess that's what happens when you don't have Twitter's character limit.
Guess I'll try to get a little more involved.

Q1: What were your favourite comics of 2017, and why?

I actually don't read many of the mainstream comics these days. The last one was "Avengers vs Xmen" when the Phoenix returned and Hope Summers was to be the host. In terms of webcomics, still a diehard fan of "Ava's Demon" and just found "Il Persona" again. Also loving "UnOrdinary" on LINE Webtoon.

Q2: After a controversial end to 2017, what are your current thoughts on Patreon?

Not on Patreon yet, but it was a bit of a slap in the face, like PayPal used to do back in the day. I know Patreon has to make money somehow, and I'm conflicted. Why should I give up 10 cents of my income? Why should a reader pay 10 cents more? I guess it depends on whether the patron awards are substantial. I'm a fan of RWBY, but I have no interest in paying a monthly fee for RoosterTeeth First when I can just wait to watch it a few days after release.

Q3: Are there any comic creators that stood out to you in 2017, and if so why?

The ones I mentioned in Q1. The art, the story, I'm a fan of mystic and magick, so if the comic handles it well, I'm going to give it some attention. I'd like to strive to be as good as some of these artists, but who really knows.

Q4: What do you make of reports from retailers that sales are down significantly for Marvel comics in 2017, and how will that potentially affect the industry?

I actually am ill-informed about this.

Q5: Do you have any comic goals, as a reader or creator, for 2018?

To get a following or fan base large enough that my online graphic novel stands out amongst the mass of comics being talked about on social media every day. Whether that's possible this year or the next who knows. Joining communities like this is a good step in the right direction though.

That's all I got ;D
Great idea to put this on the forum! Thought I'd missed out also.

Q1: Two of the three of my favorite series from the year are Image books, Extremity by Daniel Warren Johnson and Slots by Dan Panosian. I bought them on a whim and now it's a monthly requirement. The third is Batman: White Knight by Sean Gordon Murphy, I'm a huge fan of his work and I think so far it has lived up to the billing as the DKR successor. Best single issue of the year is Batman Annual #2 by Tom King and Lee Weeks. Lee Weeks makes me want to give up drawing he's so f'n awesome. Honorable Mention has to go to Mr. Miracle by Tom King and Mitch Gerads.

Q2: At first I was very disappointed since it seemed like they had decided to do this with investors in mind and with very little input from creators on their platform. Especially those that rely on smaller donations. At the time I also remember feeling bad for all the creators that were just about to launch a new Patreon in the middle of this storm. Currently, as of the beginning of the month I am backing my first creator on the platform. I'd certainly consider launching one myself. For me personally, I have a HUGE respect for the fact that Jack Conte actually took the time to consider what was going to be done and backed off. I can imagine this was not an easy decision and especially one that I never thought I'd see from such a large platform. It's amazing the change that can happen when you hit them in the wallet.

Q3: I refer back to Q1 and say Daniel Warren Johnson, Dan Panosian and Sean Gordon Murphy as far as artists go. As someone who wants to write and illustrate his own book, it was extremely influential to see these great artists say they want to create their own story and not wait around for somebody else to make it. They had an idea in their head so they just went out and did it. Chris Samnee always stands out to me but he's the only artist I ever want on Captain America ever again. Writer Tom King stood out because it seems like everything he put out this year went into multiple printings.

Becky Cloonan is also amazing and a great example to follow when promoting your work and lastly Sam Beck is a very intriguing artist/writer. I have so much respect for creators that just go out and DO, not wait around for permission.

Q4: I hope they ended the year on a better note because I think the books that came out in later months have largely been good from the issues I've read. I feel like the major problem I had overall is that I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO JUMP ONTO A BOOK. Every book seemed to be a tie-in to another line wide event (yawn) that can't stand by itself. My other issue with Marvel is that I feel there's a major disconnect with new readers who have been lured to comics by the MCU. Largely because there's not just one place to look for those characters after seeing the movies. This is a huge opportunity to convert non-readers with characters they recognize! Each one is fractured into multiple titles with multiple different characters and it becomes extremely overwhelming. It was for me and I've been reading comics and absorbing the culture my entire life.

My hope is that they will focus on limited series runs like DC have been doing (Batman, Mr. Miracle) -if the DC books can show strong numbers. I think the focus on telling a more powerful condensed story with no ties to continuity allows consumers a couple things. 1: they know where the beginning is, and 2: allows new readers a place to jump on free of any baggage. I think the fact that Mr. Miracle and Batman: White Knight have seen 4th printings in this time is astonishing.

Q5: I have a lot of ambition for 2018. My comics goals are small to start and easily attainable. For one my aim is to do something comics related every day in the year. Whether that's drawing, writing, thumbnails, research, finding new opportunities - anything! As long as it's a progression on the day before. Hopefully by year end I will have started on my original project. I've got thumbnails almost done on a mini comic and I have entered a team in the One Comic To Rule Them All anthology! So that's two projects in the first couple months. I am extremely excited and reinvigorated to work in this medium.

Thanks so much for building this community I appreciate you!
One of my 2018 resolutions has been to actually tweet more than once a month, but another one of my goals has been to sleep in on the weekends... It's a confusing time right now.

Q1: What were your favourite comics of 2017, and why?

Mister Miracle was the DC highlight. I can only dream that one day I’ll be able to read a copy of the script in which Tom King calls for Mitch Gerads to draw at least twenty panels focusing on veggie trays. Spectacular work all around.
On the Image front, I’m still obsessed with The Wicked + The Divine which is entering the home stretch at a breakneck speed.
I find it immensely troublesome that most of the Marvel series I thought I enjoyed this past year were actually published back in 2016. But Ed Piskor’s X-Men: Grand Design issue 1 came in under the wire so there’s your winner!

Q2: After a controversial end to 2017, what are your current thoughts on Patreon?

As a writer, I’ve never really felt like Patreon is applicable to me. That being said, I think that Patreon is great if you have an established fan base and it’s an easy way to corral and communicate with your true believers.

Q3: Are there any comic creators that stood out to you in 2017, and if so why?

I’m a big fan of Kieron Gillen and Jaime McKelvie, both from an aspirational level —everything they write is gold to me. I’d pre-order their adaptation of the phonebook — and they seem like cool guys on a personal level judging how they interact with the world on Twitter. On a similar note, Ed Piskor is winning the comics game right now. He seems incredibly authentic and his fan interaction and willingness to favorite any tweet about Grand Design makes him continually pop across my Twitter feed for all of the right reasons.

Q4: What do you make of reports from retailers that sales are down significantly for Marvel comics in 2017, and how will that potentially affect the industry?

I'm not at all surprised. Marvel is a frustrating case study since I can tell that they’re not doing that great on a local level. I live in a medium-sized town with around 70,000 people in a thirty-minute radius and in 2017 our town’s two LCSs merged together. Admittedly, I’m using comic shop pretty loosely because one of the stores makes all of its money from Magic and other card games and the other store… well, I can’t remember if I ever saw anyone else buy anything from them. I was around half of the Diamond order in any one week and I’m only getting five or six issues a month.

I think DC’s been able to weather this most recent change in comics shopping habits better because of their focus on launching strong books with traditional, A-List characters. Batman and Superman are always going to sell and, on a personal level, I don’t believe that any A-List Marvel characters can compare to them with the exception of probably Spider-Man. I love most of the new crop of Marvel characters and watching their new series flounder into cancellation has been pretty painful.

Q5: Do you have any comic goals, as a reader or creator, for 2018?

On the reader side, I’m planning to review and write capsules of all of the comics I read this year. On the creating side of things, my goal as a writer is to be involved with at least five solid, completed projects. And I want to color more pages for fun. I'm thinking about launching a side blog with some attempts to color some classic pages from Love and Rockets from Los Bros Hernandez.