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ComicBookHour Xmas Present (Come Join In!)


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Hello everyone,

Jamie Me here. We are going to do something fun for Christmas. After the Xmas Eve special this Sunday at 10am PT we will send out an e-mail update from the forum, and it will have a link to a digital present for everyone.

I'm going to start it off by putting a digital copy of one of my own works in this present to the community, so if anyone else wants to join in here are the rules to joining in:

Comic content only. Issues or volumes.
PDF format.
If it's NSFW label it in the file. Example: mycomic-nsfw.pdf
Run the file through smallpdf.com first before sending.
Send the file on Dropbox to comicbookhour (at) gmail (dot) com.

This e-mail will go out to 600+ of our community members. The deadline for submission will be December 23rd.

If you have any questions just post them below, and I'll answer.


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Is there a limit to the amount of pages we can send? I've got stories that are six pages long and some that are nearly forty.


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...well shoot I think I just missed this didn't I? <D Darnit

Oh well, if I did I can't wait to see the amazing comcis!


4-Stripe White Belt
Alrighty hope it made its way there, had to make a new drop box for it <D Can't wait too see all the comics featured!


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If anyone wants to offer me feedback personally or whatever please feel free to! Although in a way I wish it could be done anonymously so people can be more honest about reviews and such but I don't think that is possible in a place like this.