NSFW Dei Ex Machina: Fragility


White Belt
Dei Ex Machina: Fragility is currently now on sale at Amazon, currently the ebook is $1.99 US and the Print book is $4.99 US. As for it being released in other locations, that may be the case in the future, but not at the moment. I'm working on it though!

Both the ebook and the print book link are located here. For your own amazon, you'll have to enter that URL and just type the title you shouldn't have a hard time finding it if that's the case. It is mostly Science Fiction/Fantasy at it's core, but this particular 'arc' has a lot of horror/psychological elements to it which also includes some overtones related to mental illness. It is also done in a manga like style- but there are some elements I try to shy away from and others I decided to include that were totally from the outside.

The comic itself is rated 18+, but there is no actual 18+ content in the preview, nor in this thread. But I wanted to give people a fair warning so they are aware when they buy the book:

“My talent comes from a deeper place. Familiarity to those that know. As The lakes of Hastur and the cloudy shores of Hali, Ilek-vad and the twilight sea..”

After being spirited away to another universe, Runie Ortix, a guilt-ridden ex-soldier is still unable to escape the memories of her former life.

For a free preview please visit (the amazon preview isn't really any good): http://www.webtoons.com/en/challeng...-undertow/viewer?title_no=104523&episode_no=1