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After several false starts, social media tirades and mental breakdowns, I decided to come back to the "writing comics" business. I came up with a pitch for the forum you might enjoy.



Taj A. Gunn

Tolkirowl Jeormar is an ancient wizard from a nameless magical realm.

Right now at this moment, he is being tortured by a more powerful Mage, Ennia Mellar. Mellar was once his former student and apprentice to the old man but grew cynical because due his inability to alter people to his point of view. When Mellar want Jeormar to join him he is refused. Angered by the old man's apparent complacency, the younger mage turns him into stone. unable to move or sense everything around, he develops an imagines a fantasy world where he can deal with his predicament.

The result will astound every one.

Specifically, I need an artist who can handle both Fantasy and "traditional" element to the story.

I go by my email for contact and basic human interaction on my part. Tootles.