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Differences noted between comic dimensions

Hi @JamieMe, I was wondering if you recommend us use your version or the clip-friendly version.
The clip-friendly version seems to have a smaller safe area by up to 8.425 millimeters.


I've taken the dimensions from the "Want to Join in OCTRTA?" forum shown below to make a Photoshop file in .PSD format found here. Everyone here can feel free to get it.
I believe my error is +/- 1 Pixel.
Also, when I placed the template from that forum into Photoshop and compared the difference with the one I created, the template was off by a little as well.
(The one from the forum is on the left & mine is on the right)
The boxes are 6mm squares which are the Bleed and Trim widths.
upload_2017-12-29_23-21-59.png vs upload_2017-12-29_23-22-24.png
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I'd use my suggestion to be on the safe side. The one I've gone with is the one I literally take to the printers!

We use Standard US Size. Here is the link:

Single page

Hope that helps.