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  1. Donathin Frye

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    Hello! I’m Donathin Frye, author of the comic series I, Necromancer
    and a number of other terrible tales. I’m an energetic guy, passionate
    about collaborative storytelling, and so I’m always juggling a lot of projects.

    You should totally follow me on Twitter! I love meeting new people there.
    You should also check out my very awesome Patreon campaign!

    Current Offer: Any Patreon backers who pledge for the first time this November from,
    this site, or increase their pledge amount this month, will get a special shout out and
    link to a site of their choosing in every I, Necromancer update through the end of 2017!

    I am available for contract work as an editor or writer. PM me with inquiries.

    What Can You Read Right Now?


    Read Now!

    One part Dungeons & Dragons, one part Breaking Bad, one part Lovecraft.

    In the frozen halls of Lu'Ghul Castle lingers Vanion Knightwood, an ancient elvish
    Necromancer. As he reflects on his tragic past, his ambition, and being a father,
    he prepares to unleash an unholy plague on Mankind. I, Necromancer tells the
    ghoulish story of Vanion and the ragtag band of flawed adventurers who oppose him.

    You can learn more about I, Necromancer online at my Patreon site.

    And if space opera is more your thing, check out Shane W. Smith’s 700 page space opera
    anthology, All the King’s Men! My graphic novella, Survivor, is featured there, and
    my character Vladimir Gromov plays heavily into the anthology’s ongoing story!
    Hard to beat 700 pages of outer space rebellion and strife for the price of a pizza.

    Hey, look, it’sa me! Holding a copy of ALL THE KING’S MEN open to one of my pages!

    NEWS (10.31.2017)

    Happy Halloween! It's been a crazy start to the fall season. Here's what's coming up:

    After a successful Kickstarter (thank you for your support!), I've had some fantastic news on
    the comic book front. This upcoming winter, my urban fantasy series Rewind will be published
    regularly by Amigo Comics, and I'm very excited to be working with the very talented
    El Torres to bring this story to life. Rewind is urban fantasy, but it also deals with Native life,
    Shawnee mythology, oil pipelines, corporate racism, and other very real issues like addiction,
    strained family relationships, and identity. It's a story that I'm very passionate to share, and
    one that's very personal to me in a number of ways. I'll be sure to let you know when you can
    get a copy, if you're not following the project on my Patreon campaign!

    Meanwhile, with the first two chapters of I, Necromancer published on ComiXology, I'm very
    excited to share that I've relaunched the series with a new art direction (with fantastic @Mharz on inks
    and @SNOWDON on colors), on the sort of amazing EncounterRP Network.
    The Network has a huge following from D&D/Tabletop designers and fans, spanning articles,
    podcasts, livestreams and videos. I, Necromancer will be their first foray into publishing
    webcomics, and their support so far has been incredible! The grim fantasy world that I've been
    writing for the past year or so will be a great fit there, and I'm very excited to be a part of the
    effort to bring the worlds of webcomics and entertainment D&D/RPGs together.

    Here's a preview with art from upcoming projects below. :)


    I, Necromancer Chapter Three Teaser Panels, art by Mharz and Snowdon

    Banner Art for DICE TRIBE, my upcoming radio drama/D&D podcast, by artist Ketsuo Tategami

    Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to hit me up with questions or to chat any time!​
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  2. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    This is above and beyond what I imagined for the Artist Valley. Awesome stuff.
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  3. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    Thank you! Next step is figuring out what neat stuff I might be able to do with all of these different imbeds. :eek:
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  4. Crystal Curtis

    Crystal Curtis White Belt

    Breaking Bad meets Dungeons and Dragons? How can I possibly resist? Looking forward to checking it out on Comixology! The theme and genre is right up my alley~ Watching this thread!
  5. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    Thanks Crystal! You never know how long Comixology will take when they add their guided view, but I'm hoping for a release here within the month. :)
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  6. Adam Blackhat

    Adam Blackhat 4-Stripe White Belt

    Hey Donathin. I just wanted to agree with Jamie and reiterate - you really set a tone here and I appreciate it. And your news - very exciting! Gods, I'd give a finger for a bit of publication interest...I don't know which finger. Maybe a toe.
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  7. NiinaEveliina

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    Congratulations on the publisher deal! Very exciting things happening and I'm sure there'll be more of successes for you, just around the corner.
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  8. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    I hear that the pinkie toe is basically useless. :x

    Thanks for the support @Adam Blackhat and @NiinaEveliina! I hold you both in pretty high regards, so it means a lot! :)
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  9. Donathin Frye

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    I've done a March update here at my Artist's Alley (scroll to the top of the thread to check it out)! I've shared some new art, a new special offer, and talked a bit about my big project-of-the-heart, Rewind. Here's the prologue to the graphic novel just 'cause I can. : )

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  10. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    Check it out! I just did my second ever podcast, where I interviewed Derik Diaz, Jay Fabares and Sanders Fabares at length about these amazing webcomics:

    The Pale -- by @Agent Jay and Sanders Fabares
    Numb -- by @NiinaEveliina
    The Changeling's Sister -- by Yondoloki
    Voidchild -- by @The Voidchild Project

    Check out the podcast with its accompanying art here! And if you like it, subscribe to the channel to catch any future podcasts.

    Also, today's the last day for my March Patreon promotion! Anyone who backs my Patreon campaign this month will get an exclusive look at the finished first chapter of Rewind, Derik and I's Native American-centric urban fantasy graphic novel, featuring CBH's own @JamieMe on letters!
  11. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    [QUOTE="Also, today's the last day for my March Patreon promotion! Anyone who backs my Patreon campaign this month will get an exclusive look at the finished first chapter of Rewind, Derik and I's Native American-centric urban fantasy graphic novel, featuring CBH's own @JamieMe on letters![/QUOTE]

    Fun job, and it marks the start of my new lettering adventures :D
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  12. Shaneoid

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    @Donathin Frye This is just fantastic! This is where we need to be going with webcomics, and you have a great voice for it as well as eloquent enough to articulate your points well. I hope it's the start of many more.
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  13. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    It's April, and I've updated my original post above with some new art and information on my big project of the heart right now!

    As part of my April update to my Artist Alley page, I wanted to make sure to announce that I, Necromancer #1 is now for sale on ComiXology ... and their editors really did a bang up job with the Guided View! I'm very pleased so far.

    I, Necromancer #1

    Written by: Donathin Frye
    Pencils: Lukasz Marko
    Inks: Lukasz Marko
    Colored by: Lukasz Marko
    Lettered by: Lukasz Marko
    Cover by: Anna Landin
    Price: $2.99

    In the frozen halls of Lu'Ghul Castle lingers Vanion Knightwood, an ancient elvish Necromancer. As he reflects on his tragic past, his ambition and being a father, he prepares to unleash his unholy vengeance on Mankind.

    But when he is haunted by a visit from someone very important to him and his plans, he struggles to reconcile the shame of his past with his terrifying vision for the future.

    Buy now on comiXology!
  14. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    Wanted to reply to this separately. I'm hoping to do more of these in the future, though I'm not sure if I've the time to do one every single month ... maybe it's just my lack of experience, but an hour podcast is about 20 hours of work for me right now and that's a lot of hours in my busiest months! This month, I will be doing a guest spot on @Tim McLaughlin Jr's Podcast Exploring Comics -- and I'm really excited to be a part of that and hopefully getting to talk about some more awesome webcomics.

    This month, my big community project is going to be to create an open-source list of publishers accepting submissions that can be easily modified to keep up-to-date leads for creators looking to sell their stories. I'm hoping to have enough time to do another podcast next month. :)
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  15. Shaneoid

    Shaneoid Purple Belt

    Awesome, you're doing a great job, I just hope it's appreciated!
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  16. Donathin Frye

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    I wanted to give a shout out to @Tim McLaughlin Jr and thank him for having me on as the guest for his recent episode of Exploring Comics Podcast -- we talked about different forms of fantasy, a lot about dark fantasy, my projects I, Necromancer and Rewind ... and we had a nice side-track chat about the influence of Dungeons & Dragons and Conan the Barbarian on my love for fantasy -- as well as the strange nature of the friendship between authors Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft. All-in-all, a really fun conversation!

    Listen to ... Exploring Comics: Donathin Frye on Dark Fantasy

    Also, don't forget about my April promotion: if you buy I, Necromancer #1 on ComiXology and send me a private message here on ComicBookHour with a screenshot to confirm, I'll send you a digital copy of the first chapter of my secret project, Rewind as a thank you!
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  17. Donathin Frye

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    I spent today working on my interactive horror gamebook/novella, ALONE. Beyond writing and designing it, I've spent a lot of time engineering original SFX, music and voice-overs to create a super weird and hopefully creepy A.F. experience. It's getting pretty close to BETA testing time, and when it does, I'll definitely share more info about it. In the meantime, here's a random screenshot featuring a small chunk of what I was working on today. The illustration's done by Lukasz Marko, who also works on I, Necromancer!

    alone promo1.jpg
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  18. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    Hey folks! I've updated my Artist Alley original post with new art, news, things to read, other things to listen to. There are three big things happening right now that I'd like to mention here, though:

    Big Thing One: Newborn Babies! (and also, horror)

    I, Necromancer's second chapter will finish next month. Also, our artist Lukasz Marko will become a father next month at the same time! He's very excited, but also, drawing a comic and being a new daddy and working full-time ... it's a lot! I'd love to be able to pay him more for his work and you can help with that by backing us on Patreon (even $1 and $5 tiers add up over time!) ... so I'm running this promotion in May:

    All of my ComicBookHour Patreon backers will receive an exclusive invitation from me to do
    a group playtest, chat and design meeting with me in June, for my upcoming interactive horror novella ALONE.

    If you've any interest in getting to peek behind the curtain of designing a narrative game, or horror, and contributing to testing, I'm hoping for a fun design event in June with my CBH backers! And if you're already one of my backers from this site/community, don't worry: I know who you are and I'll be including you too. : )

    My Patreon Campaign

    Big Thing Two: Kickstarter!

    Secondly, I usually only do one Kickstarter a year just because of sanity. Sometimes it's for one of my projects, and sometimes it's for a friend's. This time, it's both! My good friend, Derik Diaz, has done podcasts with me, he colors I, Necromancer, and we're working on creating Rewind together. We also bartend together. Needless to say, we're pretty tight. Derik is running a Kickstarter for his retro 90s fantasy-adventure comic, The Adventures of Toad. It's a full 60+ book of nostalgic Bruce Timm-style 90s goodness, and it also marks the first time Derik and I worked together ... I wrote the third chapter/story of the comic, Unspoken. Check it out, and if you're feeling retro, support Derik! He's a great guy.

    Derik's Kickstarter Campaign

    Big Thing Three: Open Source Publisher Database

    I've made a ton of progress on my latest CBH community project: an open source database for all print publishers with a ton of information on their submission process, contact, status, reputation, etc. This will definitely be finished in May (maybe even this week if I get the time!) and opened to the CBH community. It's the largest database of publishers that exists already (I am pretty certain), and I'm designing it so that other people can add more to it over time, update out-of-date information, and hopefully do what we can to help creators find the right publishers for their projects.

    If you'd like to contribute ideas for what you'd like to see included, please head on over to the design thread to read more. : )
  19. Donathin Frye

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    There's still two days left to qualify for my May Patreon CBH Offer: become one of my supporters before the end of the month, and I'll invite you to join a small group of folks to playtest my upcoming sci-fi horror narrative game, ALONE, and join me in an upcoming design meeting to talk about the game and how it can be improved. It should be a fun time for any folks interested in writing or designing narrative-focused games! (and all testers will be credited in the game itself, as well)

    In other news, I've shared a couple of pages of REWIND in my original post on this Artist Alley thread -- we've finally worked through some kinks and are beginning to submit to publishers. Fingers crossed -- I'm very excited about the potential for this Native American urban fantasy story.

    Thanks for stopping by, and for your support!
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  20. Donathin Frye

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    Lots of great updates this month (check out the News section above in the original post!) ...

    In summary: a successful Kickstarter, artists becoming fathers, wrapping up the second chapter of I, Necromancer -- and two new jobs that I'm taking on this summer: writing the script for a Virtual Reality adventure game and designing monsters+lore for D&D supplements!

    To the later, anyone who backs my Patreon campaign in June (or increases their pledge amount!) will be invited to work with me to design a monster in one of the upcoming supplements this summer, for which you'll be credited in the published material. Pretty cool for anyone out there who loves tabletop or designing monsters!
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