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    After a quiet summer, I'm finally ready to make a pair of big announcements: I'll be publishing my urban fantasy graphic novel Rewind with the fantastic Amigo Comics, starting this winter -- and my webcomic series I, Necromancer returns this Halloween -- new and improved and published by the also awesome EncounterRoleplay Network!

    Other fun things in store too! I've started work preparing the 2017 StArt Faire Excellence in Webcomics Awards. Last year's awards were a huge hit, and a great way to celebrate a year in webcomics. I'm looking to vary up the judging panel this year to give last year's judges the opportunity to submit their comics this year, and I'm making some other improvements to the months long event too!

    Keep checking #eiwAwards on Twitter during October for more information.

    I've been quietly working on producing a high quality fantasy/tabletop podcast that I'm hoping to publish in the New Year. The art and recording for it is going very well so far, and anyone who backs my Patreon in September, or ups their current pledge level, will get first access as this new project begins to come together! The great support I've received on Patreon is 100% how any of what I'm doing now is at all possible, as 100% of it goes to pay badass indie artists for their great work.

    If you'd like to know more, you should go back and read the updated original post.

    Thanks for all of your support and boundless creativity -- and I'm looking forward to seeing what people cook up for INKTOBER!
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    So many amazing news! Congrats on all of them, I have seen how hard you worked and all this is definitely well deserved.
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    Thank you! I really appreciate it coming from you. I also know how hard everyone in our little community works to get their voice out there, their art seen, their stories told; it's a very special thing.
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    Happy Halloween! I've updated the original post with a new Patreon deal for next month (my Patreon goes 100% to supporting the incredible artists that I collaborate with), and info on my upcoming projects.

    So. Many. Projects. We're almost finished with issue #2 of Rewind for Amigo Comics, which will begin printing and publishing regularly in 2018. I, Necromancer has relaunched (@Mharz and @SNOWDON have done a helluva job with it!) ... my first ever publication for Dungeons and Dragons will go live in November (a Michael Bay-worthy single night adventure module) ... voice actors have finished recording the lines for my script for an upcoming VR game that I wrote for ... and I'm devoting a lot of energy to booting up a high quality D&D podcast to launch next year.

    I'll also be curating the StArt Faire Excellence in Webcomics Awards this November, and serving on the judging panel for several categories! I'm very excited about it -- it's the very least that I can to help celebrate a fantastic, creative community. I love the webcomics community and no matter how many different directions I get pulled in, I hope to continue to have the privilege to be a part of it. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and checking me out!
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