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  1. JamieMe

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    What's happening #ComicBookHour Universe?

    Jamie Me here with the FIRST-EVER "Pick of the Week" selected during the previous Twitter event. I personally looked over the hashtag, and it was a really tough call to make. The entire community is stacked with INCREDIBLE talent, so our POTW is more about who stood out on the day.

    With that said, here is our choice:




    So, why did we choose DRUGS & WIRES as our first PICK OF THE WEEK?

    The comic immediately demanded attention, and the 90s vibes to someone who grew up during the "Attitude Era" was a solid sell. Throw in the awesome artwork and you have yourself a great choice for pick of the week.

    So, please check out DRUGS & WIRES here, and let us know what you think in the comment section. You can read the webcomic RIGHT NOW, and we are wanting to treat this as a weekly book club, so it would be fantastic if you check it out, support the creators and post below.

    Honourable mention goes to: Frostblight Saga

    DRUGS & WIRES is created by Cryoclaire & Io Black. All images are owned by the creators and used for review purposes.

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  2. MartaRatonPersona

    MartaRatonPersona White Belt

    Interesting comic, indeed!
  3. Neonmeres

    Neonmeres White Belt

    Loving the idea that they have positive thoughs pills in this comic's world. We definitively need those in reality. It's a cool comic!

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  4. Neonmeres

    Neonmeres White Belt

    I also checked Frostblight Saga! Really impressed by the visual story telling! Great job to the artist Michael Doig and India Swift.
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  5. Anna Landin

    Anna Landin Purple Belt

    Drugs & Wires is so goooood! I love the way it evokes that very 90s feel while still being kinda parallell-future-dystopic and gosh, the visuals are so good? the writing is so great? And I simultaneously want to hug Dan and punch him in the face?

    Also dang, Frostblight Saga is gorgeous
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  6. midlandiania

    midlandiania 4-Stripe White Belt

    90s vibes you say...? I shall have to check this out...

    As for Frostblight Saga, I had a good look at that on the day and I will (as promised to one of its creators) be tweeting about that, and I'll do that on Sunday.
    (I really liked it a lot, and I will articulate why on Sunday, on Twitter)
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  7. DataBunny

    DataBunny 4-Stripe White Belt

    OOh, what a gorgeous art style! Definitely going to be checking this out!
  8. Orbispelagium

    Orbispelagium 4-Stripe White Belt

    Nice! I get a good Transmetropolitan vibe from this, and the 90s flavor bleeds through in all sorts of fun ways.

    R:ILPERSONA Blue Belt

    well deserved, one of my favorite comics out right now. Lin and Dan are just great characters and claire/Io are one hell of a team

    SNOWDON 4-Stripe White Belt

    Good choice. That's one of the comics I saw last week that really drew me in. Lost a couple of hours to it when I really only planned on checking out the first few pages. Great art, characters and setting.
  11. Cleo-San

    Cleo-San 4-Stripe White Belt

    It is not the story I usually prefer to read, but I can totally understand why it's a POTW ;)
  12. Jackarais

    Jackarais White Belt

    This is definitely one of my favourite webcomics right now. Great worldbuilding and the main character is a piece of shit I want to smack in the face. Can't get any better than that.
    I always reccommend this to my pals, so anybody lurking this thread--go give it a read!
  13. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    I'm hoping we can get people talking about the weekly pick, and turn the event into a SUPER book club. That was the aim, but I couldn't really explain that until we had week one ready to go ha ha. Hopefully the process will make more sense now!
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  14. ShaneV

    ShaneV 4-Stripe White Belt

    Congratulations to the pick of week. Gonna go check it out now, because I grew up in the 90's and love nostalgia.
  15. Symphorians

    Symphorians White Belt

    Ah, the 90s.... :) I second the world-building aspect of Drugs and Wires noted by Jackarais, and the 90s feel is done so well with so many little details thrown in here and there. Great storytelling. Frostblight Saga is also amazing. I especially love the way the color schemes transition between scenes. Congratulations to the creators!
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  16. michaeldoigart

    michaeldoigart White Belt

    Very cool, I hadn't seen this comic during the event itself, I'll check it out! Thank you very much for the honorable mention for Frostblight Saga - I'm humbled - there are so many fantastic comic creators gathering here. Thanks for the support and encouragement!

    @Neonmeres Thanks so much!
    @Anna Landin Thank you :O
    @midlandiania Very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the comic, thank you for taking the time :)
    @Symphorians Thank you, glad you liked the scene transitions we have.
  17. ShaneV

    ShaneV 4-Stripe White Belt

    I was worried that comic was gonna glorify drug culture. But then I got to the part about the percocet and opioids and was very pleased that it was considered garbage.
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  18. NiinaEveliina

    NiinaEveliina 4-Stripe White Belt

    Looks great! I have been planning to check this out for a long time now. I guess it's about time to give it a shot!
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  19. Cryo

    Cryo White Belt

    Thanks for picking us and all the lovely feedback, everyone :) We've just wrapped up chapter 3 and went on a break so now is definitely a good time to catch up!
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  20. Screaming Rat

    Screaming Rat White Belt

    Yes! Drugs and Wires is a personal fav of mine. Gorgeous, great great great work.
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