Friday Fun: Share Your Webcomic

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The Beard is a sci-fi/satire/mystery/body horror about an idealistic eco-slacktivist that fears his beard is trying to communicate with and influence him. It's set in an alternate future where cosmetic genetic therapy is all the rage and Canada, the world's most dominant superpower, is under the control of a franchise cult convinced of mankind's divine responsibility to pollinate the cosmos. Did I mention that there's a jazz yeti, occasional inter-material coitus, multi-media components and a whole lot more strangeness?
RIYL: Transmetropolitan, Oryx & Crake, Clerks, Black Hole, Scott Pilgrim.

I've shared already but here we go again:

The Blue Valkyrie is a superhero comic about a queer & trans woman with superpoers living in the big city. My work eschews much of the heavy and impersonal worldbuilding of most superhero worlds in order to focus on a tight ensemble cast of characters and explore their lives more fully (although, for certain, we will eventually have more worldbuilding, you can count on that), and tells a story that challenges the typical superhero narrative. Who is a hero? What makes them a hero? Who does society codify as villainous?

Also, I have a short, 12-page childrens comic called Howling Night. Howling Night is about a summer camp for werewolves, and is about community, fitting in and finding a place where you belong when you don't feel like you belong anywhere.
Heyo! I currently have three ongoing webcomics feel free to check them out!

The Angel with Black Wings is a drama/fantasy comic about the friendship of a boy and an angel. 15-year old Ray De Luz has an uncanny ability to see angels and made friends with an angel that has black wings instead of white. The story focuses on their relationship, their ups and downs, and the mystery of the black wings itself.

CHAMPS is a new sports/romance comic on my roster about an MMA champion's conquest in the octagon and in love. The story follows the women's bantamweight champion Jane Brooklyn, a cocky fighter who thinks no one can go toe to toe with her until she watched one fight featuring a rookie and that changed her perspective.


The Robonoid Fan is a slice of life about an office girl named Meirin who is living peacefully in an apartment until a new neighbor moved in and started playing anime songs loudly in the middle of the night.

Hi I'm Shaun (my pen name is The Starlight City Project). If you're into sci-fi fantasy battle action comics, check out my weekly series R:ILPERSONA:

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R:ILPERSONA is the saga of a teenage assassin named RADE, who awakens with amnesia inside of a black magic powered suit while in the midst of a deadly mission that will shape the outcome of a post apocalyptic war.

You can check it out on my website . Free to read weekly, and we have collected editions for sale on my website, ComiXology, Amazon, ComixCentral etc!