From Vilified to OCTRTA: writer seeking 'high' art

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    Fresh from having written 'I See You' for Power-Ups:Vilified, and with not much more writing experience to my name, I am looking for an artist/artistic team for OCTRTA...


    The comic largely consists of a poem set to images, all about a village that becomes alive with magic at night. I have a specific village in mind, so I would want some landmarks to appear, but other than that, the artist would have quite a free role to interpret the poem. Almost like treating a short comic as an MTV music video.

    The poem itself will be fun and silly. A bit like Edward Lear's The Owl and the Pussycat or Spike Milligan poems such as The Ning Nang Nong or The Land of the Bumbly Boo.

    I'm looking for the art to be very colourful and whacky, and probably for the artist to do all the art, and treat the letters as part of the art, too. (doesn't have to be that way).


    This involves a witch/wizard/alchemist working for a monarch, who is asked to make something evil... with unintended consequences. Semi-humourous.


    This story is in a realistic setting, and is about a writer or other creative person who receives and unwanted curse by well-meaning realtives, and how - despite some questionable advice, the main character lifts the curse. This one is completely played for laughs, and you would get to choose the setting and character design yourself - maybe the main character could look like you? The most conventional comic pitch of the three.

    Interested? email with portfolio/examples of your art style: midlandiania [at] outlook [dot] com
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    p.s. I would like to imagine myself to be somewhere between Neil Gaiman, Muriel Spark, Tove Jansson and C.S. Lewis, maybe...

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    PITCH FOUR: would require an artist who would like the idea of combining some technically accomplished depictions of formula one racing cars, with knowingly fantasy genre stuff (especially witchcraft)

    (n.b. I don't feel too comfortable pitching the whole thing in the open, so do get in touch, and I will give the full idea of any of the above, or even create something new that suits your art better)

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