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Discussion in 'Community' started by grawlixcomix, May 9, 2017.

  1. grawlixcomix

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    Hello! I’m Ben with the Grawlix CMS team. We build a publishing platform dedicated to indie webcomic artists. Learn more at and, and get exclusive insider looks at our work at

    Ages ago I studied art, but let my skills drop in favor of writing code and composing databases. So these days I help folks get their webcomics off the ground.
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  2. hades

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    Hey there c: I use grawlix!
  3. grawlixcomix

    grawlixcomix 4-Stripe White Belt

    Hello! Hope you find the system useful. Got a link to your webcomic, or is it private?
  4. hades

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    I do! Even showed a friend it today.

    The comic is still in-development but here is the website so far:
  5. Cleo-San

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    Hi Ben! =)

    I have a small question: Is grawlix idiot-proof? XD I can draw, but with online stuff I am, well... not that good >.< It looks easy to handle for me, what do I as an absolute beginner, have to keep in mind for publishing? =)

    Edit: What would be a recommended web host platform? =)
  6. grawlixcomix

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    I wouldn’t describe it as idiot-proof. More like artist-savvy. We designed it for quick comic publishing with minimal fuss.

    If our included instructions aren’t enough (download the zip and take a look), then check out Jordan Rodriguez’s terrific three-part guide to both getting a host and setting up the system.

    The Grawlix CMS comes with three themes with 2–4 tones each. You’ll need to know some HTML and CSS to fully customize your site (shameless plug), and we can help with getting it set up and running. Having said that, many artists have gotten creative with site designs.

    We’re fans of Dreamhost, and BlueHost & the like are good too. Currently our system isn’t compatible with 1and1.
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  7. Cleo-San

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    Alright, thank you, that is really reassuring =) I'll definitely have a look at the links and if everything dails, I'll cry for help, deal? ;)
  8. grawlixcomix

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