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Discussion in 'Comic Discussion' started by Trinket Trance, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Trinket Trance

    Trinket Trance 4-Stripe White Belt

    I just found out about this in the Warren Ellis newsletter:

    It's in the early stages but it looks like it may have potential - all the features of other sites, and a direction donation function.

    I'll start poking around and report back soon.
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  2. Polyak Attila

    Polyak Attila 4-Stripe White Belt

    This looks decent and the TOS does not contain any abusive legal nonsense (related to copyright, skipped the rest of it tho).
  3. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Hi guys,

    Saw this thread via twitter, I'd be happy to field any questions you may have :)


    Chris / Nimloth
    Co-Founder, GlobalComix
  4. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    Hi! I have questions :) How long have you guys being around for? What sets your platform apart from the others? Also... any thoughts about what happened recently with Tapastic (ToS that caused lots of people to leave)?

    Thanks :)
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  5. NiinaEveliina

    NiinaEveliina 4-Stripe White Belt

    Since I left Tapas I'm curios of this and there's room for new host. However I'm boring person and not so interested in the whole 'interactive' format. I tried similar thing with Becomics hosting and dropped it after a while because it was so much more time consuming to set your pages up like that.

    @Nimloth is the interactive feature your main push? How do you feel of creators who may not take benefit of this feature? What is your long term plan with the site, just hosting or also publishing? Also some kind of 'about' page would be nice, where we learn who's working behind the curtains, since I'm always curious of that stuff. (If page like that is somewhere then pardon me, it didn't catch my eye in quick scroll trough) Overall I'm pretty intrigued :)
  6. Shaneoid

    Shaneoid Purple Belt

    How will you be promoting the site and the contributors work?
  7. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Great to have you on the boards, and thanks for answering questions!
  8. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Hey guys!

    Sorry for the delay in responding, is a travel day for me :) Let me jump right in...


    We launched public beta on Monday the 7th of Aug this year, but we've been developing for well over 3.5 years. Individually, some of us (we're 4 people) have been around in the digital manga and comics scene for the better part of a decade, working on building hosting and publishing solutions.

    I think, from the very inception of GlobalComix, we've wanted to build a fully international publishing platform that both goes beyond the predominantly "English +1-2 languages only" efforts we've seen so far. Further, not just as a publishing tool, but also as a localization and consumption platform.

    One of our core goals is to enable artists and creators to reach more readers around the world than ever before. In order to do that, we feel that we not only needed to solve the publishing and reading aspects of the workflow, but also the translation and localization parts. What this means in essence is that we want to make it easy for artists (and publishers!) to create and publish, then either translate or solicit translations, from a global community of translators and languages.

    The localization aspect then actually permeates throughout the website. An example is that our forums are in-language", where Comics published in multiple languages automatically get native forums for fans to discuss in. Localizations will be playing a big role as we expand on the (currently MVP) creator/reader experience.

    Ultimately, this all leads to having a platform where artists can self-publish, and where publishers can distribute their licensed work, in multiple languages to multiple audiences around the world.

    And make money doing so :)

    I generally don't tend to comment on actions and strategies by others in this field. I'm guessing they had some reasons (whether legit or not) where they felt that was the best move for them.

    Personally, I don't like the idea of "vendor lock-in" by force. At GlobalComix, we're aiming to create a toolset and distribution channel so powerful that this itself is what drives the desire for people to start/continue to using us :)

    @NiinaEveliina Thanks for the interest! I'll do my best to respond in detail :)

    I wouldn't say it's just the "main" push. I'd say it's more one of the building blocks for our longer term strategy. That said, we're not going to disable reading for anyone that doesn't use it. They just will be missing out on some major benefits and insights, as well as likely a less ideal reading experience for their fans :(

    While the current benefits for setting up the interactive mode for each release is a greatly improved reading experience, both on desktop and mobile, it doesn't really stop there.

    Right now our creator tool also allows to create/set the text directly in the release, rather than having it rasterized on the images. This is the first step in enabling a very easy and intuitive workflow for translating (and soliciting translations from others) your comics to multiple languages. It also makes the text Vector based, so regardless of comic image quality, the text will always be sharp and clear.

    Looking forward, we're going to enable "user comments & reactions" per panel, where users can share reactions and thoughts in context of the panel. Both with each other, and with you - the creator. Further, by enabling panel-to-panel transitions, we'll be able to provide detailed statistics as to reading time for each comic and panel, where in a comic people "stop reading", and so on. Complete readership analytics, basically.

    More details on what's to come here:

    As for long term plans... I think I've shared some thoughts here pretty extensively above, so let me know what you'd like me to expand on :)

    Re: About Page.... great idea! We'll get around to adding that soon (tm) ;-) For right now, we're focusing on some of the core stuff that will benefit everyones lives all the more (such as batch uploads, drag-n-drop image upload and replacement, translations, etc).
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  9. Bakertoons

    Bakertoons 4-Stripe White Belt

    I'm trying it out now. I'll let you know how I feel!

    Few things I thought would be beneficial: When uploading multiple pages, you should be able to do this by uploading groups of image files rather than requiring you to zip it up. Just something I thought would be convenient for many people.

    Also, it would be nice if you could have an "About" page where you can add longer description of your comic, as a side thing to the shorter, 150-character limit description box.

    EDIT: Also, when I drag the zip file to the "upload" box, it doesn't upload. I have to use the browse button in order to get this to work.
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  10. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Yeah, this is known for now. Working on a fully fledged upload manager that handles drag-and-drop, archives, and multi-selected many images, etc.

    Indeed. Is on the radar and can add that soonish :)

    Indeed! See first comment here, and last sentence of my previous post ;-) Actively working on that!
  11. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    @Bakertoons how do you feel about adding the interactive frames? Simple enough? Too much effort? etc...? :)
  12. Bakertoons

    Bakertoons 4-Stripe White Belt

    I tried adding frames on some of the pages. Seems to work alright! I don't think I'll do it on all the pages, though, but for what it is it works
  13. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Ah, interesting. Would you oppose if I abused my admin powers and helped you fill them out? ;-)
  14. Bakertoons

    Bakertoons 4-Stripe White Belt

    As long as the comic itself isn't altered, sure! At least on the first chapter.
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  15. The Amazing Mike

    The Amazing Mike White Belt

    Following this! It'd be great to translate my stuff for other languages.
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  16. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Not at all! That's the beauty, this is HTML SVG layers in browser on top of the image; no alterations of source happen :)
  17. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    I've finished setting up frames for the first chapter :)

    Imho, it reads much easier this way, but then again I'm biased ;-)

    What do you think?
  18. Bakertoons

    Bakertoons 4-Stripe White Belt

    Looks good. Thanks!
  19. Trinket Trance

    Trinket Trance 4-Stripe White Belt

    Starting to explore setting up a creator page now. Are there plans to expand the genre options? Or perhaps even a secondary sub-genre? I always wonder how well the tagging system works for allowing people to search for comics that don't have a fixed genre identity.
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  20. Trinket Trance

    Trinket Trance 4-Stripe White Belt

    Oh, being able to upload PDF chapters should work wonderfully for me. I'm getting excited to dive in. But first, I must eat and watch some Defenders.
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