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Discussion in 'Comic Discussion' started by Trinket Trance, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Absolutely. Happy to field some suggestions for things you guys consider missing; the current ones are kinda of a "first pass what do we need" type of list.

    Probably not to start. And it's more likely that the second level will be a "facet type" list that describes aspects of a comic (like tags, but not free-form) that are standardized across the catalogueing system. To give a comparison example of what I have in mind, would be something like "Ring Sizes" in a jewelry marketplace :) That said, this second layer is not high priority just right now. As we get more comics and the need to differentiate gets higher as the list gets bigger, we'll get back to this one.


    That said I'm a little weary about the PDF uploads (because of how the extraction works, it's not just ripping the raw images out of an archive like, say, ZIP or CBR). This can have quality implications, as well as processing time increases :/

    I'd actually suggest using ZIP or normal comic book formats for best results, currently. That said, we are actively working now on our batch upload tech, which includes rewriting our PDF uploads (extract client-side in-browser, send each image directly to server for processing), which should do away with all the concerns we currently have :)
  2. Infected Blood

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    @Nimloth Thanks a lot for your replies! My only qualm is that anything having to do with pages besides uploading them is probably too much of an effort for many people. I also tried Becomics and got tired of it - I think you should keep in mind that not only most creators don't have animations/zooming, but also that for readers clicking incessantly it's extremely tedious. I understand you have an option to read comics traditionally, but it seems to me that you may be more oriented toward the less traditional reading experience, which I'm really not sure it will ever work on a large scale. So - still pondering what to do with my own comics.
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  3. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Interesting and true.

    But it's not needed to click though. Keyboard left right arrows work, mouse scroll works, and esp on mobile does left right swipes also work :)

    Perhaps we need to onboard and explain the reading UX better.
  4. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Few questions I've thought about, and I apologise if I haven't seen these in the announcement data:

    Is ad revenue planned?

    Do you plan to publish comics physically and digital as a traditional publisher would eventually? For example, on sites such as Comixology and to stores via Diamond. Webtoon, another platform for example, hire select creators.
  5. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    I understand that you can use other gestures, but essentially you are still forcing readers to go through one hand/finger motion to move from one panel to another. Why would that be better than moving your finger/hand to turn a page? Turning a page is much more natural and doesn't require much effort. Personally, I don't want to click/swipe every couple of seconds. On Becomics, they have an option to time animations. I found that an okay feature to circumvent the clicking/swiping, but then you still end up with something that's neither a real animation nor an actual comic and it can be tough to stop when you need to, not to mention rewinding it... Again, I'm not saying you shouldn't go for or believe in this less-traditional way of publishing comics (maybe with tweaks as you go along), but I don't think it will ever take off.
  6. Trinket Trance

    Trinket Trance 4-Stripe White Belt

    Okay, so when I choose to upload a comic WITH text, it seems to be uploading without anyway (I've tried 4 times) and Preview doesn't seem to be working. I'm using Edge as my browser (probably unwisely), if that helps.
  7. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Yeah we're looking at actionless reading tools :)
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  8. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt


    That choice is to indicate the type of images you're uploading. If you're uploading images without rastered text, You can add the text on top of the blank images in the creator tool. The text pane is next to the frames pane on the left.

    Does this work, @Trinket Trance ?
  9. Trinket Trance

    Trinket Trance 4-Stripe White Belt

    Oh, okay. Totally not re-adding all the text to my comic unless/until it was expressly for the purpose of a translation (which is cool, when it's time for that). I'll try zipped jpegs.
    I didn't see sizing/resolution specs on the site? Are there recommendations? All platforms seem ever so slightly different in that regard.
    Genre-wise, I'd toss mystery in there.
  10. Trinket Trance

    Trinket Trance 4-Stripe White Belt

    Another thought - is there a NSFW or Mature rating tag?
  11. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    About to take off on plane- will respond more to more questions when I land :) that said...

    We process and resize all images server side on upload, and store orig (including source archive) + resized. This allows us to reprocess without needing reupload if we change dimensions.

    For "single page" we resize "down to" 1280px wide, and for "double" page we scale down to 1920px. If your images are below that width we retain the original size!

    Basically in theory you could upload super high Rez images and we'd still resize down for reading purposes. Do note that release processing time is related to cumulative image processing and resizing time. For professionals, I often see 3000px wide images uploaded :)

    We retain the images original aspect ratio for height, always.
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  12. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    That's a good idea to consider adding I suppose. I'll chat with the others :)
  13. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Turns out there's wifi on the flight! Sweet!

    Here's some more answers :)

    Yes, we think so, at some point in the future. What this means exactly is a little bit up in the air.

    One of the last things we actually want to do is significantly "degrade" the reading experience with banner ads or network ads.

    With the panel-to-panel type experience in place, we have discussed the opportunity for having GlobalComix "native" type advertising that does not include a gazillion javascripts, page load stalling, page performance reductions, etc, and all the usual bs that comes with normal ads.

    However, in order for that type of feature to be a viable option, two requirements need to be met:

    1) A lot of content and content creators, publishing.
    2) A lot of readers reading.

    With that said, in the interim between then and now, there are other revenue/income options that are on the agenda that we hope fill fill in the need for (banner) ads.

    The answer to this is yes. We fully intend to have a digital publishing suite operation for both self-published artists and also publishers to make use of. To this effect, we consider GlobalComix a publishing (and localization) platform for artists and indie artists, and a distribution platform for publishers.

    What the specifics of those publishing (and revenue models) entail is something we can go into more detail on at a future date when it's closer to launch :)

    As for physical publishing... let's solve the digital aspect first :)
  14. Polyak Attila

    Polyak Attila 4-Stripe White Belt

    I uploaded the First chapter of Tales of Midgard yesterday. So far my experience is mostly positive.

    I don't understand why there's a cap on most of the text boxes, but the existence of a cap is not a real problem imo, however, the fact that you do not get any feedback on how many characters you used while typing or on the number that still remains is rather annoying.

    I'm a bit disappointed that we don't get any usage statistics, such as on average how many pages and which pages are read by the people checking our comic out. I wouldn't expect such data to be shown to creators, although that would be beneficial to all parties involved, it's not something that happens often. Still, the fact that you could input your Google Analytics tracking ID kinda got my hopes up, but so far that seems to have done nothing.

    The bulk upload feature is cool. It saved me a lot of work, which is always welcome. I used the .zip version for the upload. A small oddity with it is, that the upload reordered the pages. It went for a full alphabetic approach I think. Anyways after the upload, it locked the first page as a release thumbnail in for the admin view. In my case, there are 2 pages before the first chapter's pages, a volume front coverpage and a contents page. When I went to the uploaded pages, ordered them correctly by hand and saved the thumbnail was still the one that I got with the initial upload. While this is not a problem on the front-end of things, since if you go and read it, the pages are in order, but in the admin panel the first page is not correctly shown after the manual reordering. This might create confusion in the long run.

    Finally, I haven't tried frames yet, but they look like an interesting addition. The only question I have in regards to this feature is, if you decide to use them, your comic will have two possible ways of being read: interactive and classic. Is there a way of setting a default version for your comic, or will the user experience always be defined by what the reader last used? So far when I read other comics here, it seems to me that if I used interactive in the last comic I read, the next one will also start as interactive (if frames are set up), and if I used classic while reading the last comic, the next one also starts in classic.
  15. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Thanks @Polyak Attila for the feedback! Sorry for the delay in response, let me address:

    That's great to hear!

    Noted -- we'll add character (x/y) indicators on the fields that have a character cap. The caps are there mostly to give some form of structure as to the expectation of how much space is made available when displaying this information on the site.

    First things first -- we're going to provide complete usage statistics and insights -- it's on our upcoming things to do:

    Secondly, and most importantly, while we're not yet displaying this data, we are actually tracking and capturing it through the platform. This includes statistics and meta information around each comic page read, as well as each fragment read. We expect to expose this type of information to a dashboard in the near future. We are also looking at possibly exposing other types of metrics, such as time spent reading each page / fragment, and where in the reading flow users drop off (These are advanced metrics we'll add at some point in the future, but are already capturing data for).

    As for the Google Analytics ID, we are actually using this. The problem we have atm, is that we're not tracking GA pageviews in the reader experience (neither your GA-ID nor our own GA ID ;\) currently. This is a bug that we'll resolve asap. That said, when you input your GA ID for the site, we do track views to your comic pages, your artist page, your comic forums and threads, as well as (when we fix the bug!), comic page reads.

    You can look forward to some solid metrics in the near future :)

    Glad you liked the upload tool! In fact, in our view, it's in "minimum viable" stage. We have a lot of large improvements coming here in the nearish future. This includes ability to add pages via dragging one or many images directly into a release, the ability to update a new revision of a page, ability to delete a page, and so on. In the longer term, we'll expand this tool to be able to share assets between releases (things like credits pages, and so on), such that if needed they can be updated in one place and propagate to all releases using these pages.

    Automatic page ordering is indeed alphabetic. well, alpha-numeric basically. So example filename 001.jpg -> 002.jpg -> 003.jpg, etc. Glad the re-ordering worked as expected :)

    As for the release thumbnail -- noted.

    That said, we don't really have a concept of a public facing release thumbnail yet. I think for a creator facing side, we can add the ability to define which page should be a thumbnail representative (would be same for both creator facing as well as public facing). We'll come up with something for this soon.

    Ah, this is a good catch. Yeah -- we should reset the reading exp between each release, and make preference to having the interactive mode enabled if the release is marked as fully interactive (we aggregate this to the release where we make sure there's minimum one fragment per page). This sounds like a bug and we'll resolve this shortly :)


    Aside from this, how has your experience been further? :)


  16. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    @Polyak Attila noticed you added frames on the first chapter! nice!

    Wanted to give a heads up that you can add "points" to the frame paths, so you can include speech bubbles outside the main panel. This is done by clicking on the location of the frame path edge line where you want to add the specific point. You can also select and drag these points around.

    Example from your first chapter:


    I took the liberty to go through and add some points on this frame/bubble only as an example for you to copy :) now looks like this:



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  17. Steven Potts

    Steven Potts White Belt

    May have some other questions about the platform, but the first one I want to ask has to do with becoming a creator on the page. As the writer for my comic I feel a little disingenuous about choosing Artist as the best description for myself in the dropdown, but I'm also certainly not a Publisher. Any plans to add Writer to that dropdown?
  18. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Ah, yeah -- we've been wondering a bit about this. We're looking to be able to add "credits" type listing to each comic, such as writer/illustrator/translator/etc on a comic level.

    For the page creation, it's quite possible we may rename "Artist" page type to "Creator" as a fix for this. Does this combined with the ability to list out who does what on the comic level, solve your concerns?
  19. Steven Potts

    Steven Potts White Belt

    Yes, that would definitely solve my issue. Because I am both the creator and writer, but I certainly don't want to give the impression that I do any of the art. Also certainly want to be able to give credit to the artist and his work on it.
  20. Nimloth

    Nimloth White Belt

    Sounds like we need to add the "credits" listing on comics soonish then :) Feel free to choose "artist" for now, it will update if we rename it, and you can also change/update this setting in the future if we add more "types".
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