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    This is something that I talk about a lot as an often over-looked avenue for writers and artists. I'd like to collect a list of running grants/residencies and their current status here. I'm just getting my grant research work rolling for the year, but anything I list here is available to (at the very least) anyone in the United States unless I state otherwise. If anyone else runs into an opportunity (anywhere in the world, too!), please post it below so that I can update the thread.

    Astrea (Lesbian Foundation for Justice) [contact for deadline]

    The Awesome Foundation [rolling micro-grants]

    Boston Public Library Writer-in-Residence Program [deadline: 4/14/17]

    Brooklyn Arts Council [very high acceptance rate, must live in Brooklyn]

    Creators for Creators [closed, submissions open in Spring 2017?]

    The Harpo Foundation [grants and Native residencies]

    National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures [submissions open in Spring 2017]

    Native Arts and Cultures Foundation [submissions TBA]

    New York Foundation for the Arts [massive grant allocation, New York residents only]

    PNC Arts Alive [rolling submissions, currently supporting Central Ohio, Eastern Florida, Greater St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Southern New Jersey]

    Prism Comics Queer Press Grant [closed until 2018]

    Scholastic Graphix Contest [deadline: 4/1/17]

    The Thurber House Writer in Residence [submissions TBA]

    The Thurber Prize for American Humor [deadline: 3/31/17]

    The William H. Johnson Foundation for the Arts [supporting early career African Americans]
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    This is not a grant, but a class you can take online for free from the California College of the Arts (or you can pay for actual credit or to be graded). I enjoyed it, also had a good experience with the Kadenze help desk, so I think they have integrity there and I can recommend them.

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