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I just received an e-mail talking about Gumroad as a viable Patreon replacement (from Gumroad). Here are some of the highlights:

Things Gumroad Does Better

A Free Option. Gumroad has a free option and a $10 “premium” one. The free option is pretty robust; you pay a higher percentage on gross sales, which is fair enough; there are also per-month limitations on updates and workflows, which are the major ways you interact with subscribers. The premium option removes those limitations and few subscriptions—say, if you already have a customer base, as most Patreon creators do—can quite handily cover that fee, which is paid from your balance monthly. For non-Patreon authors, I suggest the free option for selling ebooks directly, and maybe dabbling with the subscription option to get started. Once you gain a few readers/subscribers, the premium option becomes cost-effective; if you don’t like it, you can cut loose with practically no loss.

Updates. Sending out rewards on Patreon is done through mostly through posts. You select the patron tier ($X or above) and the type of post, which is a little clunky. Say you want to post only to your $7, not your $5 or $9 subscribers? You have to fight with the messaging function in the patron listing to get do so, and attaching a cover image is a pain. Gumroad provides much more granular control over who gets what, and subscription rewards can be sent to multiple classes or just one, not merely $X and above.

Direct selling. This technically isn’t Patreon’s wheelhouse, but I thought I’d mention it as a plus. I used to sell my ebooks direct through Payhip, but the Gumroad storefront and interface is so much better—for one thing, there’s drag-and-drop movement of item tiles on the storefront, which means you can arrange your offerings to your liking.

Things Gumroad Doesn’t Do For Patreon Folks

Some Integrations. I’m not seeing the relatively easy Discord integration Patreon has, for example. However, you could just as easily send your customers/subscribers a permanent Discord invite link, if you were so moved. A Wordpress integration that doesn’t require your site to be hosted at Wordpress isn’t available anywhere, and frankly, those are the only integrations I’d be interested in.

Name Recognition. Patreon spent years polishing a reputation as a creators’ advocate, and it is somewhat nicer to call your supporters “patrons” instead of “customers”. However, all the goodwill Patreon stored up was gone in a flash with the recent shenanigans, and Gumroad has acquitted themselves well on social media not just recently but in the past.

The full article is here:

That said, are any of you switching from Patreon to Gumroad, or do you use both now maybe?

Post below and let us know how you are feeling about Gumroad and Patreon currently.
I really want to incorporate the subscriber model into my webcomic (like offering early releases or even a episodes a week in advance along with behind the scenes/bonus content, wallpapers etc). I've been hesitant to launch a patreon now after what happened. Does anyone have any experience with gumroad and if so any tips on utilizing it?
I love Lilith. She's a delight to follow on Twitter.

I was at the point of considering a Patreon account right as they messed everything up. Like @R:ILPERSONA I'd be interested in hearing more about making the most of Gumroad!


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I feel like they're two completely different options right now. Gumroad is basically a store, that your followers can check once in a while to make a purchase, and that's it. Patreon looks more like a community-based service, where you actually need to be involved and have people involved. Don't see the point in comparing them, apart from taking advantage of last month's Patreon shenaningans to try and take their spot


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What I'm not sure I'm following is what patronage model she's referring to, is it like a beta feature? I made a gumroad account some time ago to checkout how it works, but as far as I see, there's only options to sell products like any other store but with the $0+ option.

That said, I will say Gumroad's UI is very easy to use, both as buyer and seller, and more importantly, it's always felt like they're a company with sincere intentions to help creators. They also give you stats, and tips, and tools like an integrated newsletter subscription form that you can add to your site. Gumroad in general gives off a good vibe. I've only used Patreon as a patron, so I'm not sure how the experience is for creators, but Lilith is far from the first person I hear who's frustrated with how to manage posts, rewards, inbox, etc. And yeah, the whole fee thing was a huge turn-off for people who were considering creating a campaign with them, myself included.
What I'm not sure I'm following is what patronage model she's referring to, is it like a beta feature?
Essentially when you add a new product it gives the option to create a subscription. It's suppose to be for 'magazine' style products but can be used like patreon.

You can follow a creator and get updates from them but from what I'm reading from the OP is that the free option limits how many updates you can send out during a specific timeframe whereas the premium option allows for unlimited updates to be released.

Think there isn't much in the way for followers to interact with the creator so that is a minus -unless you are not a fan of having to talk to your supporters.

In the end I won't be doing anything like that at all. I know I'll never produce enough content consistently to warrant making a subscription/patreon/drip account. I'll feel like I'm letting people down if I'm not constantly updating or if I have a break between chapters yet still charging people.