Hello, I'm new to Comic Book Hour and wanted to introduce myself

Discussion in 'Community' started by Scott McCullar, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Scott McCullar

    Scott McCullar White Belt

    Hi there!

    I found Comic Book Hour website through Twitter.

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Scott McCullar and a longtime comic book reader as well as a comic book writer/artist.

    Some longtime fans might remember me from years ago where I used to run one of the very first Green Arrow fansites that led me to getting jobs at DC Comics. I also wrote some material for Green Arrow and helped launch independent comic book publishing company called Shooting Star Comics around 2002. We lasted about five years and then life got busy for me.

    During that time period, I wrote and illustrated and independent comic book feature called THRILL SEEKER COMICS that featured Yellow Jacket: Man of Mystery and the Emerald Mantis.

    Well, it's about a decade later and I'm returning back to working on comics. I'm working on a revival of the series to relaunch the property in January with all new material and right now, I have a KICKSTARTER Campaign that is collecting all the original material in a 28-page full color archive book re-mastered collection of the original short stories and webstrips. I plugged it over in the other section of the forum.

  2. JamieMe

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    Hey @Scott McCullar, great to have you on the boards. Enjoying the crowdfunding process?
  3. Scott McCullar

    Scott McCullar White Belt

    It's my very first attempt at doing this. Definitely a new experience. :)

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