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    Sorry if you're reading this late.

    My name is Taj A. Gunn, an unpublished writer of ambiguous origin who currently lives in Virginia. I got a couple of short scripts in the back burner looking for an artistic home. I'm twenty-five years old and have loved comic for twenty-two of those years.

    The first comics I remember reading were late 80's Marvel comics like the Grunewald Hawkeye comic, Fallen Angels, The Eternals by Walt Simonson, Excalibur from Clairemont and a Valiant comic named Solar the Nuclear Man... until they were stolen by some random handymen. (Congrats, men. You've played yourselves.)

    Nowadays, I'm all over the map. I read Image, Dark Horse, DC and sometimes Penny Arcade.

    So that is me.

    "Show me an hero, and I'll write you tragedy."
    -F. Scott Fitzgerald
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    Welcome! You should join in the community event :D

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