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Hi from Ireland!

Hi! I figured I'd introduce myself in the hopes that it makes me return to the forum. (I used to be big into forums, then social media became useful...)

I'm Paul, I'm a writer, I'm from Ireland. Random facts about me:
1. I'm an identical twin. One of the comics I write for is drawn by my brother.
2. I'm a qualified English teacher with a Masters in Multimedia...and I work in a bank.
3. I've been writing since I was 10. I've been self-publishing since I was 21.
4. I mostly write prose, but 2017 saw me getting started in comics.
5. I have no sense of smell, but I can still taste things.
6. I worked in a bookshop for nearly 8 years. As a result of the discount I got, I have over 1000 books and no more space to keep buying more.
7. I run a market in Dublin that functions as a mini Artist Alley and Trade Hall between conventions.