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  1. RalfSingh

    RalfSingh White Belt

    Hi, my name is Ralf Singh and I am a comicbook creator from Germany.
    Most of the time I do lineart, but from time to time I also do writing and coloring (two things I still need to learn).

    I've worked on the comicbook Narcopolis- Continuum which was published last year at Heavy Metal in the United States. Since then I've done a few short stories in Germany and now I am working on my own creator owned project Zinnober for the US market.
  2. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Hello there :). Great to have you on the boards. Work looks great too!
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  3. RalfSingh

    RalfSingh White Belt

    Thank you, JamieMe!
  4. BlackMagicWolf

    BlackMagicWolf White Belt

    Wow! That's some impressive art! Have you seen the Power-Ups collaboration/anthology the site is doing? I'm looking for an artist for my story, and your style might be perfect for it!

    If you're interested of course.
  5. RalfSingh

    RalfSingh White Belt

    Hey, thank you. Atm I am really busy, already working on 4 projects.

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