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How do I Sketch like a Pro?


I have the Wacom Intuos Pro and use Photoshop to do some of my sketches.
I want to be able to use the Photoshop brush all day long but at time I feel like I need to use the Pen tool because my lines may not be as smooth looking as I want them to be.

My question: Is there some parameter that I can set to my brush so that it can detect/replace tiny-rippled patterns on curves? Kind of like a smart brush to auto-eliminate jitters.
If your using Photoshop CC, there is a option called Smooth (next to Opacity and Flow) the more Smoth you have, it will help make better lines.

However, the best way to make nice lines is to be fast at stocking
Ah ok, that makes sense. I usually like stroking slowly but I've noticed at times it comes out better when I stroke faster - no pun intended. Thanks for the tip - again, no pun intended.
Try looking for a stabilizing option. I sketch on a different program, Manga Studio, and the all the drawing tools have an option for stabilizing so lines aren't messy even if my hand is a little shaky.
Photoshop is notoriously kind of bad at linework/inking. Programs like Manga Studio/Clip Studio and Paint Tool SAI have more of a stabilizer built in to their program that makes for smoother lines. However, if you like Photoshop, there is an add-on/program called Lazy Nezumi Pro that is a brush stabilizer. I hear good things about it.