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    Hey everyone! I'm lucky enough to know some of you, and hope to be lucky enough to know others as time goes on! I'm BluRaven C. Houvener, I write and illustrate the webcomic It's Just another day. It's Just another day chronicles the misadventures of a sexually frustrated teen who constantly falls victim to the world around him and the miscalculations of his terminally ill rock star father, and conservative rebel mother. My comic takes up a good portion of my day to day life, however when i'm not working on that I continue to release the indie psych-folk rock of departed recording artist Nicodemus, who was also my father.
    For fun I like to close out coffee shops and shoot the breeze with friends; really take in the world around me and try new things. Conventions are a riot and locales I really feel at home at. I don't care what kind either(Comic Book Conventions, Anime conventions, Multi Media Conventions, even Furry Conventions)!
    I'm starting to ramble now haha, so good to meet you all!
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    Hey pal! Good to see you :)
  3. Back at ya! Hope all's well!
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    Welcome to the boards!
  5. Thanks alot! I love what I've seen so far!

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