Howdy ;)


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Hi folks

I'm a writer and illustrator, comic book creator and head of the indie outfit Fenriswulf Books.

We do a whole bunch of stuff - novels, illustrated fiction and such - but our main focus now is on comics, specifically my series Spilled Blood - a dark adult crime/thriller series set in Russia. Issue 1 and 2 are out now on Amazon Kindle. Here's the Youtube promo trailer:

My first graphic novel, The Black Flag, was over 80pp. long and drawn entirely in pencil...these days, I'm a bit better with ink than I used to be :/

I also have an occasional sort-of tech support webcomic, 'Geekz', hosted at

Thanks for reading so far and hope to speak to some of you soon about stuff.


4-Stripe White Belt
Well I guess this goes here...I just finished an epic 2 hour online interview session with on Saturday, discussing a great many topics, mostly pretty serious and all quite personal. It was a great experience for me to discuss my comics creations with like-minded people. It made me think a great deal about what I do and why - and, I hope, may have others thinking, too.

You can view the whole session here:

If you ever wanted to know what makes an artist you've never heard of tick, there are some answers :)