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Discussion in 'Comic Jobs' started by Angelo, May 24, 2017.

  1. Angelo

    Angelo White Belt

    Hello all,

    I am the creator and author of No Place Like Home published by Image Comics. I am returning to the comic book world with lots of cool projects and I am looking for artists for a few projects.

    There are 2 small projects (15 - 20 pages each) and a full 100+ page graphic novel.
    All styles considered.

    If you have samples/portfolio/website please send them to subs@noonemournsthewicked.com and include page rates for pencils, pencils/inks/colours.

    Would love to see your work.

    Cheers folks,

  2. JamieMe

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    Welcome to the board Angelo!
  3. Angelo

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    Thanks, Jamie!
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  4. Guillermo

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