Introduction: Myself and The Daemos Chronicles

Hello there.

I joined the forum recently and was quick to make a topic in the promo section without introducing myself much. This seems like the subforum dedicated to that sort of thing, so here I am.

I'm turning 30 years old soon with two full-time jobs. By that, I mean I have a 9-5 job that pays the bills, and then most of my free time after work and on the weekends is dedicated to my online graphic novel, The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light. It's the first in a series of 3 novels and one novella. Hoping to one day leave my day job and put all of my time and energy into this, like I see so many other people online doing, but many family members like to tell me it's a pipe dream that "doesn't happen like that". So I gotta be realistic with my goals and work day-by-day.

The rough script of my comic was written up and registered under copyright in 2012. I finished writing the manuscript in 2016 and took it to an editor. They really helped me see the good and bad of my story and how I can improve upon it. I started out by revising the first three chapters. Soon after, I decided to take another route. When writing my novel(s), I see them happen in my head a certain way, and I'd like people to see it that way too. So instead of rewriting the whole novel, I started the comic book route. A year later (yep, my graphic novel is one years old), I have three chapters completed and online, starting the fourth chapter this week/end.

Why did it take so long to do three chapters? Because drawing things by hand is freaking hard, guys. I never had the pleasure of learning 3D modelling and animation, and because of that, I'm left to redraw everything over and over from different angles, perspective, scenes, etc. I wish I had the talent for POSER or MAYA because it's a one and done-type of deal. I design a character once and they're finished. All I have to do is animate them and move the camera around. Same with all the buildings I design.

I also have a life outside of these jobs, so you know, I have to balance things out. I don't honestly think I could ever get burned out when it comes to my novel/comic book. At most, maybe frustrated that an image or idea isn't coming together the way I had hoped and taking a break. I have had my share of misfortune last year too, and of course such calamity is going to get in the way of what will make me happy. But that's life. Whatever, back to the good stuff.

My comic book started in 2016, and I've become aware of several stories that have come out with similar undertones. For anyone who's a fan of RWBY out there, one can draw a lot of similarities. One, RWBY and The Daemos Chronicles are high fantasy, taking place in an alternate world. Two, humans are somewhat endangered, living in a world full of creatures that may or may not kill them. Three, many of these humans are superhuman and can achieve great feats of strength and speed. Four, a handful of humans can interact with crystals and gems to perform magick.

Maybe the only saving grace that would help me prove my story isn't a ripoff is I registered a literary collection of The Daemos Chronicles for copyright a year before RWBY even came out. That collection contains everything I ever wrote, including a rough script, research, outlines, notes, side documents that detailed the world, magick system, literally everything. The real kicker is although I've got all this done, because it's just me working on this and not a team of people, I can't produce content as quickly. So, RWBY has me beat there. I don't have a team like those at Rooster Teeth to back me up.

The good news is, anyone who likes RWBY, anime with spiritual power undertones like Bleach or Yu Yu Hakusho, or even Naruto for that matter, would probably like The Daemos Chronicles series as well. Going forward, I'm trying to market my online graphic novel by spreading the word on social media and joining communities like this one. Of course, I could always use some help in doing so, but most people on social media are out for themselves. Let's face it. Nearly every social platform is a soapbox yelling "Look at me! Look at what I can do!"

Buying some ad space is the next step. Most of the comics I read today literally came from ads I clicked on that looked interesting. Only a few came from word of mouth recommendations. I'm also helping to garner interest in a crowdfund I'll be starting. For other would-be comic creators out there, there's a really great content management system that beats WordPress plug-ins tenfold. It's called the Grawlix CMS, and it's seriously built for making web comics. Sadly, the team has been disbanded, and although the CMS is still available along with many documents, no updates seem to be coming along. The crowdfund being developed will be aimed towards building a salary for a small team of dedicated coders to take the original source code and make it stronger, better, and in a sense, more complete.

Anyways, that's a little about me and a lot more about my comic and future plans. Thanks for reading everything if you got through it all. Being a writer first, an artist second, I'm prone to writing long posts/responses when it's a topic I'm knowledgeable or passionate about.